NH: Furious crowd heckles police at marijuana bust

Indoor/Outdoor Greenhouse?
September 9, 2010
How do you obtain a license to grow medicinal marijuana in the state of California?
September 9, 2010
RidleyReport asked:

Nashua New Hamsphire: 420 marijuana celebration ends in chaos as undercover bust triggers crowd fury. Raw tape. Much more to follow. How you can buy an ad RidleyReport.com marijuana pot bust ron paul angry crowd ridleyreport angry mob heckles police new hampshire staters liberty free state project freedom nh marijuana caught on tape dave ridley report liberty cannabis culture barry cooper live free or die marc emery libertarian. marijuana ron paul free state project barry cooper marc emery libertarian 420 celebration nashua new hampshire police cops


  1. bafw26 says:

    Pigs have gotten way out of control lately.

  2. Deathlordtwo says:

    @unclesamsbastardson The child in the photo is the victim. They are simply consuming a plant.

  3. DominationSupreme says:


    You’re so cute, thinking you know what you’re talking about and all.

    Also, from reading your previous comments, it’s obvious you’re an ignorant, holier-than-thou piece of shit.

    That’s ok, though, you can be whatever you want, just don’t think you’re right when you say stupid shit like “You’re all just a bunch of hot air punks wishing you were around in the sixties.” and “Your not really fighting for anything worth a damn.”

    Grow the fuck up, will you?

  4. wopwopwopwopwo says:

    @koch46 Not as much as they used to.

  5. wopwopwopwopwo says:

    @DominationSupreme . You think you’re tough cause you have a big mouth…Yeah right! Without hundreds of people around you’d probably cry like a little girl. Got a problem with Harley riders? Tell one to their face…I’ll bet you’d piss your pants first. You have a big mouth!

  6. wopwopwopwopwo says:

    Time to put on the big boy pants!

  7. wopwopwopwopwo says:

    If you all had a half a brain cell left you might be able to figure out that your going about this all wrong. You’re all just a bunch of hot air punks wishing you were around in the sixties. Too bad there’s not a moral to be found in the group. Your not really fighting for anything worth a damn. Just a bunch of spoiled little N.H. brats! I mean for real, you respect this crap “If the pigolice keep up this nastiness, eventually they’ll be rushed, disarmed and punished severely”. Idiots!

  8. Catuxalina1 says:


    If the pigolice keep up this nastiness, eventually they’ll be rushed, disarmed and punished severely. Cajuns did just that to FEMAthugs who fired upon them in the aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina. The Cajuns got fired upon and they bagged some FEMAthugs–the rest of the FEMAfags fled for their worthless lives.

  9. Catuxalina1 says:


    They look like Antifa/ARA sharps!

  10. smokerider says:

    fuck the police!!!!!

  11. joetown19 says:

    pussy fucking pigs..

    real tuff with pot smokers..

    go after gang thugs….

    oh thats right you’re too big of pussy’s to battle them

    fuck the pigs!!

  12. CJbass420 says:

    @h2oholic na we’ll get overcrowded i like how nh doesnt have a hug population and has lots of woodlands.

  13. ratedEG says:

    Stand up for your right.

  14. dogslayer5 says:

    i hate cops

  15. YorEcnareves says:

    Gov. Lynch that FOOL will VETO the new Marijuana Law just passed by the Legislature in New Hampshire. We Need to VOTE him out this November, & all the Clowns that Voted NO, if a few more had voted yes it would be a Veto Proof majority.
    When President I will END the Drug WAR day one in Office.
    Please Get me on the Ballot, and in the white House for 2012 It’s time For the Second President From New Hampshire, One that will end this corrupt drug war making politicians, and other Crime lords rich

  16. MWCstream says:

    come on man get some direct mp4 files or something this filming the tv isnt working, sorry to complain but if you can do better please do. Keep up the good work btw

  17. MoneyIsSilver says:

    @libertarianjury …I was thinking have someone up in a building with a .308..just my opinion.

  18. MoneyIsSilver says:

    @andytnboy Uhhh…you’re wrong.

  19. MoneyIsSilver says:

    Props to Bleich for getting up in that jerk’s face!!

  20. Temple420org says:

    @krrrruptidsoless In my mind we were all created, but when I hear people saying they are their own god then I know what their thoughts are on evolution too. Only people who believe the myth of evolution create their own morality out of thin air. Jeffery Daumer stated it was his evolutionary beliefs that allowed him (mentally) to justify his horrific behavior.

  21. krrrruptidsoless says:

    So you are religious and evolutionistic. He evolved and you were created. Huh? I was made by animals and didn’t evolve. There is the third one you’ll never wrap your head around. What about space people dropping you off here. How about the garbage man whacked off on this planet as he was dumping trash and sewage here while on a routine trip to this planet. And it sprouted humans. Ha ha. Want more?

  22. krrrruptidsoless says:

    @restlesspride666 you mean assassinate?

  23. krrrruptidsoless says:

    @whoo689 Off duty could also be undercover. A lot of cops work off duty jobs within the spectrum of police work. It is a part time job sort of.