NH: Colorful Nashua local commandeers “Marijuana Megaphone”


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RidleyReport asked:

Sponsor: HempVideo.com – Calling people liars isn’t likely to win them over. Still, the colorful local guy who commandeered our megaphone at Nashua’s marijuana rally does have a way with words. How you can buy an advert on the RidleyReport…. http pot ron paul marijuana bust ridleyreport barry cooper new hampshire cannabis staters marc emery free state project culture nh free speech dave ridley report freedom of speech liberty cops police live free or die arrest civil disobedience libertarian bud drug war on drugs heroin cocaine warriors enforcement agency nashua library hill park. unrest.

21 comments on “NH: Colorful Nashua local commandeers “Marijuana Megaphone”


    @NoLongerFooled – Will the endless attempts at satire and wit EVER end? It’s like a bad knock knock who’s there joke over and over and over. If…you had been paying attention prior to your brain fart, you would have learned that I support marijuana legalization. Unfortunately, this irate minority you speak of, are trying to light the brush fire with a wet match in a concrete parking garage. Jeebus……such tools – I get a real kick out of it.

  2. NoLongerFooled on

    @SSILENTNATION I guess it takes an irate minority of people to set the brush fires in the minds of men and women.

    We may be voting on legalization this November. You can’t kill an idea whose time has come. Now go putter around in your backyard and fix that broken sprinkler head. Thanks pal.

  3. workwillfreeyou on

    Were too morale of a nation to put up with marijuana smokers. No time for this. I have to get back to my nation bombing of the Middle East.


    In regard to the lady at the end….Ridley is thinking as she is going on about her amazing experiences….yeah yeah that is great and all, but uh….are we gonna do it or what? LOL


    Yeah great way to win support of the people…..call them liars in their own town as they are minding their own business.


    @NARCOPOLO76 Kindly explain what difference they have made, other than getting themselves an arrest record. They haven’t done one thing towards the legalization of marijuana, because they are screaming at the wrong people and at the wrong place. I have yet to see a 4:20 event at a state house…you know…that pesky place where people create/amend/repeal laws.

  7. StageMan on

    Why do the protesters act illiterate by calling Cannabis everything else but Cannabis. The negative names Cannabis should be shunned

  8. libertarianjury on

    @CurtHowland —- it’s not about the marijuana, it’s about the civil disobedience to victimless crime laws. In a prior video, a man showed up with an open container of alcohol, and didn’t drink any. Since there are so many mala prohibita laws, it is easy to find one to break, if you are looking to contribute. Heck, conceal carry a pistol, so long as you intend to see it through, demand a jury trial, etc.

  9. NARCOPOLO76 on

    @BLLAARRRGG What are you doing? These guys do this kinda stuff all the time and have made some kind of a difference. What do you do other than criticize on you tube?


    legalize dope so these retards can get more stupid, look how stupid they look trying to get pot legalized while criminal banker elitists completely loot there treasury steal all of there money and give it to global corporations while there puppet politicians pass more draconian bills that strip more of there rights away and at the same time allow the Mexican drug cartels to invade… lol what a joke you people are, it is really sad to watch.. go smoke another one hahaha

  11. GetMeThere1 on

    As the cops were leading the handcuffed guy to their back seat I realized that was the first roadside arrest I had ever seen where a WHITE GUY was in cuffs 🙂 🙁

  12. CurtHowland on

    If I can get to NH, I’ll show up for a celebration. But I’ll have to stand up-wind, I do not partake.

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