NASCAR on ESPN Nationwide Series Commercial 2013 | Travis Pastrana Not Yet


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NASCAR on ESPN Nationwide Series Commercial 2013 | Travis Pastrana Not YetI’ve already made a name for myself. I have fans all over the world. But here, my name doesn’t mean anything. Not yet. The NASCAR Nationwide Series on ESPN. …

47 comments on “NASCAR on ESPN Nationwide Series Commercial 2013 | Travis Pastrana Not Yet

  1. thee2nd on

    i didnt say they are not doing anything and i could do it by myself… i just think its extreeeemely boring to watch.. thats just an opinion that i am allowed to have

  2. Brandon Hartung on

    Which opinion? The one where i said you should stop judging things you know nothing about? Or when i said fuck off? And ya i guess not judging things you have no knowlege about is a childish moral.

  3. Linus Eson Nilsson on

    Have you ever stopped to think that people have different opinions then yourself?

    Are you under the illusion that your opinion is the “right” opinion, and everyone else who doesn’t agree should shut the fuck up?

    From your childish morals I can only assume you are a kid, grow up and realize that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    Fuck off
    /from the world

  4. SkylinYo on

    You’ve ALREADY, made a name for yourself, and Nascar will use that…
    Not dissen, Just sayen… I’ve been known to watch from time to time. .
    Love you Trav, <3 thanks for being our hero! And don't forget heros save lifes, you've saved many... so Be careful out there. 🙂 Those hot heads can be real jerks sometimes.

  5. Anthony Cirinelli on

    People who think NASCAR is lame or is easy as driving in a circle or w/e, don’t really understand it. One thing people have a hard time grasping is that the cars are going about 180mph into the corners with an 850 HP engine, no anti-lock brakes, no traction control, driving on the edge lap after lap. They’re pushing the car to the absolute limit, on the verge of crashing every lap.

  6. MEAN GENE on

    Travis has the ability to conquer the un-do-able. Top athletes say at critical moments time seems to slow. Travis has that vision. He’ll conquer the Nascar Nationwide series! It’ll take many races but, unlike cleo-partick, he will rise to the top and move on to Cup eventually. FUNNY seeing his redbull dodge dart ads while he is racing FORDs. Go T-Pass! Go RFR! (ps: plz paint that day-glow crayon throw-up car dudes. That is the ugliest mustang I have ever seen. It disrespects Henry Ford).

  7. KyleJPie10 on

    Ovals. There are also road courses. But requires immense concentration and hand eye coordination to handle those vehicles in all kinds of situations. I won’t try to push the fact on to you though, because everyone is too arrogant to think nascar actually requires talent.

  8. Steven Collins on

    Are you kidding me? I would love to see any of these trash talkers try driving a stock car. Real horsepower with no aids, bumper to bumper driving for hours on end while redlining your car. Yeah, no skill at all, that’s why Montoya wins races all the time right? Or that is why Danica barely can finish a race. What’s next dirt tracks are for amateurs as well right?

  9. Pete Zehler on

    At first when he said in 5 years hell be the champ I declared bull shit but now I don’t think it’s impossible jack roush don’t hire showboys especially ones without a sponcer he sees something

  10. McVickar on

    Your both very right 🙂
    Even Ken Block have admitted that Travis always will be a better athlete at anything he does than he will himself. Also rally.
    I’m a big fan of Ken Block, but Travis will always be one of the best xtremesports athletes the world has ever seen.
    And Travis should just keep doing what he want’s, because he always surprises and get great results at the end. He’s a great role model for everybody and I will follow him for as long his career goes on 🙂

  11. Brandon Hartung on

    Have you ever stopped to think that mabey you should think about things you say before you say it so you dont end up looking like a complete asshole. you should stop judging things you know nothing about. Even the “coolest dude ever” said; “this is one of the hardest things i have ever done.” How about instead of opening your mouth, you keep your negative dick breath to yourself. On the behalf of every NASCAR/Pastrana fan, fuck off.

  12. MEAN GENE on

    Linus… pretty clueless kid-o! Driving in circles aye? Lame aye? You know nothing! Have you ever watched a Nascar race? Did you see any of Travis’s on-board shots of him “driving in circles” at Daytona this year! Un-eff’in-believable! If no, do yourself a huge solid dude… search & view his vids! They are on here last I checked.

  13. Russ Watkins on

    Nothing Nascar has to offer could even come close to the things you have already accomplished. Your name means more to your true fans than anything Nascar has to offer.

  14. hyperacti on

    Have you even been to a race? It is thunderously, apocalyptically earsplitting. It obliterates all other reality. It demands your attention as a matter of right.

  15. rambbynas on

    NASCAR for Travis is same as going backwards. He pushed his limits all his life and now nascar? Whel, no one gets younger, maybe he had enough. Or maybe he jus got an offer he couldn’t resist 🙂

  16. thee2nd on

    it takes skill i know that… and even more skill watching this boring sport till the end of the race

  17. Brandon Hartung on

    they had a race team but it was shut down in 2011 due to budget cuts and poor performance. they pulled out of nascar for good.

  18. traxxas777 on

    if only people knew the feeling of racing these cars at 200mph and feeling the g forces in corners… theyd shit their pants and maybe respect nascar way more.

  19. herrb89 on

    “First we’re goin’ straight, and then we gonna steer to the left!” – Eric Cartmen

  20. Jay Enn on

    Hemingway said there are only three great sports. Bullfighting, Mountainclimbing, and Motor Sports. In those three sports, you are a split second away from death at all times.
    Concentration lapse means death. Even for a second.
    What else can compare ?

  21. Matty Wyld on

    A few of the F1 people can’t win easily as those few dont have an installed KERS system, lawl

  22. rustmonster27822 on

    You people don’t have a clue.NASCAR is the most competitive motor sport in the world .tire management setups.pit stops different tracks.go Travis your learning bud!!!!!

  23. jeepernj99 on

    The people who call Nascar lame dont know what their talking about. They probably think the could do it. Its just driving in circles right? Pastrana has said a few times how fun and how hard it is. I hope he races Nascar for a long time…

  24. jeepernj99 on

    I totally agree with you. The people who are hating on Travis wanting to make a career out of Nascar have no clue. I am beyond excited he has chose to race Nascar. Hes doing great! Comparing Ken Blocks Gymkhana to Nascar is silly their not in the same league…

  25. Nam Pham on

    some people would be surprised that nascar is on par with f1. dont they know nascar doesn’t have all the fancy gadgets f1 drivers got, they go by feel of the car and the pit crew has to fix it. the entire race runs on trial and error. why you think a few f1 people can’t even win easily?

  26. thexrockefeller on

    To all people who find any kind of racing to be less “on the edge” than the others, you have to understand that the reason we all aren’t racing is because those few people who make it to the professional level are pushing themselves to the very edge of everything they do on that track! I agree that NASCAR isn’t the most interesting thing to watch, I would rather watch le mans or formula D and rally cross but racing a stock car is no easier than driving a WRC or GT2 car!

  27. Anthony Cirinelli on

    If you ever have a chance to try iRacing, you’ll gain a whole new respect for what they do. I let my friends try my iRacnig setup and they usually can’t make a single lap with out spinning out, let alone figuring out how to get through the gears without looping the car.

  28. Phl1pp3r on

    wanna see u driving a +650 ps car arround anything lol u better should try to do just one real latt pulldown befor spamming shit

  29. i5Madness on

    awesome-est dude ever , i mean really he was and still is my hero from the day i heard about Travis Pastrana !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just don’t do a dubble backflip in the nascar . All the luck.

  30. akane742 on

    historically there have been quite a few ProNational motocross riders adopt the sport of stock car racing, with little or no success. I think that is about to change

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