Mila Kunis Thinks Russian Sounds Like Klingon – CONAN on TBS

The Rules of Attraction
April 3, 2013
Marijuana Officially Legal In Washington State.
April 3, 2013

Mila Kunis Thinks Russian Sounds Like Klingon - CONAN on TBSShe’s saying lovely, sweet things to her dad, but it just sounds like angry declarations of war.More CONAN @ Team Coco is the offic…


  1. victorioushamza says:

    @Mark Lee true.

  2. smasila says:

    She has the most annoying voice!

  3. Louise Oates says:

    I didn’t know she was Russian;o

  4. Ifmirity says:

    sign says: Mila can I hug you?

  5. Ora Kovač says:

    Hahaha totaly

  6. Shrey Saxena says:

    so… jackie

  7. Binh Nguyen says:

    shut up meg.

  8. David Kartal says:

    C’mon. It#S not THAT bad… ;-)

  9. MsBeautyLatina says:

    Check out my mila kunis Inspired makeup tutorial!! 🙂

  10. Ivan Lozowy says:

    Kunis – a raspy, crotchety beitch. She must have some high-level friends in Hollywood, or worked her way up, on her knees.

  11. mightybluesman says:

    It’s pretty hard to listen to Pushkin since he’s been silent for quite some time now.

  12. bloodyjon1 says:

    This is funny because I am Armenian and speak Russian

  13. Hellsteigen says:

    Думаю не ошибусь, если скажу что как минимум треть всех армян знает русский язык. Очень интеллигентный и космополитичный народ.

  14. LeNi Pelekanos says:

    German sounds like a lullaby compared to arabic.When two Arabs have a friendly casual conversation about the weather , it looks and sounds like they are 2 people from the oposite political parties fighting for their ideologies !

  15. Sirlema Turlema says:

    thats the first time i heard that people think that russian siunds like klingon.never thought it does

  16. Wheatbeerlover says:


  17. Dan Chapman says:

    Yes it is.

  18. theblackphenom98 says:

    Behold, “Shut up Meg” comments are coming!

  19. blenorb says:

    Shut up, Meg.

  20. MaevaCrankItUp says:

    “That’s Russian ! Okay you speak Russian.” “But I don’t read it.” LMAO.

  21. JaguarRawr says:

    Russian is quite soft. I’d describe German as almost flamboyant, but it is perfect for yelling angrily at someone 😀

  22. Ryan Priestnall says:

    no she doesnt 😐

  23. Yakov Drumm says:

    Nip slip

  24. ChemicalProject says:

    German ist not an angry language!

  25. Dmitry O. says:

    misspelled)) maybe they used a google translator. As I am now xDD

  26. Carly Swanson says:

    Oh, stop! We totally don’t sound angry. BEHINDERTER SCHWEINEPRIESTER!!! 😀

  27. ксюша ишаева says:

    а написано то не неправильно(

  28. Jessica Kjeldsen says:

    lol “and to most other people it just sounds frightening.”

  29. Sergey Rudyshin says:

    To listen to Pushkin is as hard as to listen to Shakespear

  30. Costin Dragomir says:

    “two draculas yelling at each other” =))

  31. 123whiteswan says:

    @bloodyjon1 Same!

  32. seekingharrystyles says:


  33. Tagr Endy says:

    the sign is google translation -_-

  34. Melanie Carroll says:

    And yet German is still beautiful.

  35. 123whiteswan says:

    @Meline Apoyan same, I’m Armenian so when i’m at home we speak norrmally but when my mum is angry she wil shout in Russian.

  36. Nyzualt says:

    Oh come on. Every Language sounds angry if you shout in it. Even Klingon is soft if you can find a Klingon who is capable of speaking in a normal sound volume.

  37. Sweence says:

    Her “Vocal Fry” is horrible. Young girls need to stop with this vocal fry raspy voice shit. They think they’re being sophisticated but they just sound like pretentious idiots.

  38. zimThuet says:

    americans shouldn’t be allowed to talk about languages…

  39. zombiekiller11694 says:

    Half the people watching this cam here for her boobs

  40. Rick G says:

    I bet he Google-translated it 😛

  41. ichbineincoolcat says:

    Russian thing german sounds harsh, and we think they sound harsh lol.

  42. AtanasovPetar says:

    Shut up meg.

  43. rawbeed says:

    Shut up meg

  44. BlakeVocals says:


  45. signboyy says:

    i wish she would do a movie where she does full frontal nudity. she is so hot

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  47. Wilhelm Schicklegruber says:


  48. arcaneshadowmaster says:

    Shut up Meg.

  49. Benjamin Poitner says: