AMAZING HD Cali Medical Weed Pics feat. Collie Buddz – Come Around
May 17, 2011
Ricky on ice
May 17, 2011

MEDICAL MARIJUANA SHOP ROBBERIES FAKED BY COPS POLICE POLITICAL FRINGES!Medical Marijuana shop robberies faked by cops police political fringes to make it hard for it to legalize in CA, so the police are paying thugs or criminal elements to get to these little pot shops and rob them and get negative media attention! WHY???? It’s not fair! YOU SHOULD KNOW THE TRUTH! WATCH AND LISTEN!


  1. zakipad says:

    Your sound so fucking stupid, even though I HATE cops. They didn’t set it up.. And STFU with your stupid fucking JEW VOICE

  2. politicsreign says:

    you sound so stupid!!!!! why the hell would cops want to do this?? why the hell Cops would cops this much chaos in a community, why? They did set this up, a couple robberies wouldn’t shut all of them down, but send out a warning. Most are just pissed because they have to pay someone to get their own pot. they sound like cop enraged druggies and they should shut up and stop accusing the co ops of wrongful acts that wouldn’t even make sense to do!!!!!

  3. rich2rock says:

    They let them sell drugs, some of them. It’s the only way they can try to tarnish this new movement. They don’t want it.Too bad, it’s coming anyway. Beside, how many times has the LA police department been “dirty” and got caught? You lie or cheat once, it makes you a liar and a cheat. The reputation doesn’t just disappear. They like the thugs, they work together and nab ’em when they have to make quota.

  4. politicsreign says:

    @ashash4tube Don’t be so frickin’ rude jerk off. Your name should be ASSHASH, get a life. I know what the hell I am talking about. So go blow!

  5. indyskywolf says:

    I don’t doubt for a minute the police are involved, but we need some evidence, not just speculation. Nothing in the report would prove the police were involved.

  6. ashash4tube says:

    shut up lady tell us what u think then let us come to the concision not say its the cops all the way threw you sound like a dumb ass

  7. Hungry4Herb says:

    @politicsregn you really sound stupid talking in the background, maybe you should just be quiet and people would listen more. haha you’re funny. But seriously why are you assuming that the police did this? what’s wrong with you? are you okay?