Massive Ind. Marijuana Bust

Found Marijuana growing?
September 23, 2010
do you think we should legalise all drugs from pot to speed,whats your thoughts?
September 23, 2010
CBS asked:

Indiana officials have apprehended the largest amount of marijuana in state history. Police estimate that they found over 6000 pot plants on a farm; 3 men were arrested in connection with the case.


  1. technofreak3535 says:

    Poor weed 🙁

  2. MikefromMesia says:

    I live in CA and I’m voting YES on PROP 19!!!

  3. Seththeone99 says:

    some dirt ass weed

  4. canaboid19 says:

    gandja rule

  5. DarkShroom says:

    lol u call THAT cannabis?

  6. 1994WN says:


    Blanks didnt start using pot in masses until about the 50s. You’re thinking of cocaine. Cocaine was very popular with blacks during the 20s 30s and early-mid 40s.

  7. tobinharmony says:

    Wow. If this was legal that would of been 9 legal full time jobs. Plus taxes for the ultimate middle man uncle sam.

  8. blazeveryday6996 says:

    @dadecountyhustler305 ….. na man ur trippen .. come to claifornia .. and smoke bud grown in cali 🙂

  9. blazeveryday6996 says:

    teh fuck did the police dehydrate kill them ?? loLOLOL

  10. dadecountyhustler305 says:

    Damn I live in the next county over… Now my weed is gonna go up higher…

  11. dragonmybutt says:

    poor plants…. 🙁

  12. quickshooter100 says:

    Fuck the laws around it. Its a plant that grows out the earth…. Nothing will stop that.

  13. surrealnumber says:

    i dont know if i should thumbs up this for the comments or down for its content….

  14. fedtheend says:

    Where’s bouncing betty when you need her?

  15. bluecrips13 says:

    @91svampebob tri tellin the goverment that

  16. IITECHxNiNEII says:

    there drying that shit out!!

  17. StonedDubstep says:

    @91svampebob Thats just it, Marijuana didnt do shit to anyone, The government is just Fucking retarded, Especially with this. “You can import hemp, but NO YOU CANNOT GROW IT!” medically it was looked down upon beacuse sense its a plant and its natural, They cannot patent it to make it their own legally. They’ve tried reproducing the effects synthetically with marinol, But they cant get what happens biomchemically in marijuana to happen synthetically in marinol. so they say “fail” we dont want it

  18. carlray3255 says:

    what a dick! looks like they r drying it…hell yeah they r drying it….its strange to me why we can legalize alcohol and keep marijuana illegal….ive never had a pot head wanna pick a fight or wreck a car while high…its messed up man…im just an old hippy i guess man…i love everything about marijuana and always will…later bros

  19. Mr47andy says:

    malditos puercos

  20. bideomanlol says:

    why are the cops curing that shit? anyone else noticed it was still curing the whole video


    burn all of it and just inhale!!!

  22. hambrother says:

    i wanna get laid on top of a giant pile of weed while smoking a joint

  23. airborne373 says:

    What a waste of taxpayer money.

  24. brucedarren says:

    @StephenPrzybylak if weed was legal… you would pay increased government controlled prices or go smokeless because black market will never be legal no matter what. maybe you’d save a lot of money getting it the way you do now