Massive Drug Bust in Toronto leads to the arrest of 12 people.

I thought I found some nice marijuana plants growing?
September 19, 2010
How long does it take for second hand marijuana smoke to clear ones system for drug testing. No joke, I was +?
September 19, 2010
holidaycontrol asked:

A massive drug bust in Toronto. Big time dealers busted for dealing cocaine, heroin, ecstasy & marijuana. A total in $2000000 was repossessed by the Government.


  1. fuscian says:

    @sheemsheem LIAR

  2. sheemsheem says:

    Okay you got 1 crew down, there is thousands more in Toronto…

  3. Defuf says:

    Am soo down to Rob a Drug House Dealers can’t be home tho lol.

  4. holidaycontrol says:

    poor guy, was just trying to make some money right.. >.>

  5. salemskc says:

    wow, taking all those drugs off the street is just a sin.