Marijuana Maxs New oil Pipe


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Marijuana Maxs New oil PipeMarijuana max buys an oil pipe, new, at a yard sale for $10 and tries it out ­čÖé

20 comments on “Marijuana Maxs New oil Pipe

  1. trinitytimothy on

    I just took a picture of mine.. And Im gonna send it to you in a PM….Dont accuse me of being liar.. I’m far from that.. i have no reason to make things up.. I bought it at a head shop in Providence Ri called Opm… I take it snowboarding and do dabs in the car.. Im not a hater either.. Im sorry if you feel like im hating, Dont no why. You should be thanking me for watching your video seeing how Im prob 10 of the 80 views you have… You could have learned something new but´╗┐ whatever done with u

  2. trinitytimothy on

    sorry bortnick61 , I thought you wrote the comment to me´╗┐ but it was mrmaxyield, not minding his own buisness…. apologize for being a part of an argument.. wont happen again

  3. Max Bortnick on

    but you also never toke as much as I do…thank you for your opinions…….please re read your comment. one, you have never tried it this way and second you make a judgement´╗┐ by how you feel and not by you actually doing a comparison ­čÖé how about you be the judge and sit down and try this old school method youngun ­čÖé then give us your imput, thank you ­čÖé puff puff passing it to you

  4. Max Bortnick on

    you know what young folks know best sometimes… I think it may be best to heat the glass and dab in the oil now that I understand what the term dab means in this context… it means to use a round ball or noodle and vaporize it against the hot glass ans not do what I did which is old school ways… and the reason I subscribe to the new way is´╗┐ you get a way bigger hit ­čÖé

  5. Max Bortnick on

    we all get confused…..but please dont fight with max yeild he is a friend of mine… I wont get involved between you I will just kindly and with respect´╗┐ ask you to get along for me… thanks for your understanding and just out of curiosity what is PM mean ??? Powerful Marijuana Post Mortum Pot Magazine or my friend Paul Murray ­čÖé puff puff pass

  6. Max Bortnick on

    bro, kids should´╗┐ not be watching this,, and this way is so old school its out, totally, the new school way htese kids have taught me is bad ass

  7. HappyDonnaMarijuana on

    Hey Marijuana Max, looks like you got a killer deal. I´╗┐ thought that heating the glass first would be best but sometimes you need more hands than are available. I can’t wait to start turning my garden to oil.. but first… the ladies must flower.

    Keep on tokin’ and infinite peace my brother

  8. trinitytimothy on

    I tried it and it sucked… you wasted a bunch in your video….. I waist nothing my way.. Stick to your old ways old man. And´╗┐ how do you know you toke more than me? I stay dabbin all day long! You have no Idea!

  9. trinitytimothy on

    What´╗┐ you want to do is heat the bottom up like you would a skillet.. Then dab it when its hot.. Thats what I do.. Ive never hit it the way you did.. Interesting .. I think the way i do is way more affective..

  10. TheRealStinkyface on

    Yes, I am just learning of these new oil vaporizers´╗┐ and hash vaporizers. You might know this already, but the Atmos Raw vaporizer is awesome for vaporizing hash, kief, flower, but for oil you weed need to buy an additional piece for $15.00. The other one is the G-pen oil vaporizer for about $60.00 or less. I got mine for $36.00 at the local dispensary here in socal. The best deal for Atmos Raw is on Amazon for less than $80.00. Both are discreet and amazing!

  11. Timmy Mcfistfull on

    that will get you by the boo boo. Nice…10 buck…Awesome deal..yeah be careful heating and cooling the glass. start off slow, get it warm, then hot then wait a few seconds to turn her up…Be careful not to set on tiles or anything…get a wood block…´╗┐

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