My friend is growing marijuana plants in his house, what are the legalitys surrounding this?
September 26, 2010
how to make a plant bud early?
September 26, 2010
haikucuple asked:



  1. Slavestorms says:

    2+2=5 now

    Nature is illegal, CO2 is a pollutant and the meaning of life is to shop.

    Psst, 2+2=4 Just trying to keep the secret doctrine alive

  2. jpw71775 says:

    W.T.F. don’t try to get a murderer of the streets let’s spend millions of dollars + manpower to try to erraticate something that will NEVER go away!!!!!!!!

  3. Alphamexx says:

    imagen a few tons marijuana and you get over there with a flamethrower and forget your mask and stuff.. imagen that sweet o’ sweet smell

  4. eetgeok says:

    exactly. i was arrested this week for less than a half gram of weed. it was one bud the size of my fingernail. rediculous how the government uses OUR money.

  5. smcosci says:

    i’ve read that some amount over 75% of ‘drug seizures’ don’t even end up with arrests. not that this is bad, but in these cases, the small town pd can easily steal money and assets and resell any large amounts of drugs they’ve stolen

  6. EggFooDungBung says:

    What can we all collectively do to Get drugs Relegalized? I hate seeing all these assholes on tv trying to tell me how to “relax” I just want to grow my own pot and be left alone dammit. I am really pissed off that people on tv just refuse to talk about legalization as a solution.for more than 5 minutes, this is a very important issue to almost everyone.
    I really hate the way small town local police depts are addicted to asset seizures, and drug money. Southwest Georgia is horrible about this!

  7. kanamolik says:

    To je škody…omg

  8. NoireMagie says:

    I wonder what the fuck they do with all this marijuana? Someone told me they burn it DAMN…where do they burn it? it must smell great, I bet they sell it back. too much money to loose for something that actually cure and good for you.

    How long it is going to take for people to get smart about this subject?
    Where is the wisdom in this world?

  9. ivanzenforce says:

    fuck the police xD

  10. fretzombie says:

    we could spend our tax money and police officers catching real criminals

  11. foochv says:

    rea1001 you are so rite…

  12. rea1001 says:

    Most of these eradication efforts are not even going after Marijuana. They are going after Hemp plants, the Male of the Cannabis strain. Which you cannot get high off of. The funny thing is most pot heads are more intelligent in this matter than the very enforcers of the totalitarian agenda.

  13. cvmg1969 says:

    Here is a great idea – lets all be like Johnny Apple seed – seed America everywhere, in parks, on the lawn of the court houses across the land – from California to the New York high land, from the Redwood forest to the Gulf Stream waters – this land was meant for marijuana! Let “Seed America” be a battle cry for the new freedom we all want. This is civil disobediance at it’s finest – Seed America from sea to shining sea!

  14. cesaremario1968 says:

    oh by the way cops, you’re fucking useless, how much time and money did you spend to find it and then destroy it while tons of cocaine entered your country? did the plants disturb you so much? oh, maybe they had a rifle and shot one of you from the window? maybe they shout at night? you are the only ones who can harm people as far as i know, shame on you and who you represent, you’re a disgust to me

  15. POLSKAZIEMIA says:

    kurwa, tyle na marne!

  16. garnica says:

    Hijos de puta!

  17. squirrelbong says:

    ROFL the cop at 2:21 wearing a gaskmask to cut down plants….shows how educated “our” police are.

  18. redkiller777 says:

    fuckin pigs

  19. genius3029 says:

    cocaine, herion, and especially methamphetamines should remain illegal. but cannabis is harmless. in fact, its helpful. its a natural resource as well as the only safe drug known to man.

  20. mouthytrucker says:

    There are more reasons for marijuana to be legal than illegal. Every part of the plant has been proven to be beneficial to every walk of life. Tell the government that they can tax it too!

  21. idrinkpellegrino says:

    Weed is going to be legal soon. I am freedom thirsty. I would love to put my liver to rest while getting a good buzz from the green.

  22. villel80 says:

    If you think about the sitiuation, you actually find it really silly. Those christian americans, trying to found a plant that God made, and destroy it. I don’t find police bad. In this system they just have to exist. It’s not their fault that marijuana is illegal.
    It’s because of goverment, the real decisions are made there, based on how much money they can make.

  23. WolfOfPeru says:

    i hate fucking pigs like this