Marijuana bust in Rexburg

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September 14, 2010
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September 14, 2010
heitah asked:

Check this out this gas mask used to smoke marijuana!


  1. Bassisbest55 says:

    Marijuana bust in Rexburg


  2. heitah says:

    @integra526 Mormons don’t call for an epic wide ban. Grow up. We choose to keep our bodies healthy and have held to the Word of Wisdom since the 1800s. Smoking was against the church’s rules then and it only took the world nearly 2 centuries later to figure out it wasn’t healthy.

  3. integra526 says:

    moron!!! its against the word of wisdom guys!!! dont drink coffee omg u will die all morons dont drink coffee or caffine or smoke or drink…. PEPSI, AND COLA COMPANY ARE OWED BY THIS MORONS SO CALLED MORMONS!

  4. natetherebel says:

    Yes i do approve of this harmless plant

  5. TTYLLEERR says:

    Did i just see the term “IRL”? Well, look who has no life Seeeester, I betcha never smoked bud in your life, so quit being a white mormon bitch, and smoke two high quality bowls, and then u have the right to say weither its bad or not… Kk =)

  6. heitah says:

    1. No I do not think coffee or alcohol are okay. I’m Mormon and all 3 of these things are against the Word of Wisdom.

    2. Educate yourself. Anyone who drives after smoking is impaired. It’s illegal, and quite frankly smells like crap.

    3. I am the media.

    4. If the Internet is your friend, no wonders you smoke pot. You don’t have any friends IRL.

  7. guffyjon says:

    Heitah you think alcohol and coffee are fine though I am assuming? It is a plant that has no long term affects on the body. Wake up and educate yourself instead of believing all that is fed to you by the media. The internet is your friend!

  8. bigtimeyan says:

    hahaahh wow wat a BIG BUST.. that city is a joke ..they call that news

  9. heitah says:

    So you approve of the drug?

  10. natetherebel says:

    Wow. Just a few pieces and a lil weed, and they gotta put it on the news???