Marijuana Bust in Mathews County

What went wrong with the first step of growing marijuana?
September 22, 2010
What would be better to get a job at McDonalds to support your family, or growing Marijuana and making?
September 22, 2010
wavy asked:

Marijuana Bust in Mathews County


  1. wizardofmyers says:

    Legalize it!!

  2. nugsalad says:

    Let the poor guy out, he worked hard for those plants, no doubt. End this war on drugs, or the future of your country is grim.

  3. teamgod says:

    LMAO: “It’s gonna let them know we’re watching them!”

    Ok buddy. You got a call from a pissed-off piece of shit snitch about a guy growing weed. Sorry to say but the only thing you were watching was The Price Is Right when that call actually came in.

  4. getrowdyallnite says:

    I’d like to know where the “tip” came from. Probably one of his buddies who got in trouble for somethin worse than pot and was tryin to save their ass. Seems like the wrong boys get locked up. Free Ron Jr!

  5. DuoSonic87 says:

    I’d water them naked and wave my cawk @ them.

  6. JimthereT says:

    @vinavichi So roots are “SELLABLE” since when was this? Hell why not weight the fucking dirt and the entire house. That said the street value they are padding at 750k is not realistic and false reporting. Pot roots are not worth a dime in cash value no matter what stage the plant is in.

  7. vinavichi says:

    they weigh the fuckin roots and all. 4,000 for roots? silly

  8. JimthereT says:

    @rubbanutz420 For one the rationalize this by padding the numbers. Pot growers dont grow 187 pounds of pot. 3/4 of a million doallrs in treet level hydro in the stae of va would mean you would need roughly 187 pounds at $4000 a pound. Some bud can go more but ususaly its going to be around $200-300 an ounce. Just remember Ryan Frederick and pay no attention to these scumbag news reporters!

  9. rubbanutz420 says:

    In jail without bond for growing plants? When is VA going to get with the times and move iinto the modern age? DECRIMINALIZE this plant, so cops can spend there time busting REAL crimes…..I myself do not want to spend my tax money on month long investigations for pot.,….and neither does 80% of the country……I think the US has ruined enough lives over pot….sad times are still ahead.