Marijuana Bust in Mathews County


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wavy asked:

Marijuana Bust in Mathews County

3 comments on “Marijuana Bust in Mathews County

  1. JimthereT on

    @screamfreak79 The huge number looks good for the story so they pad it by about 700 thousand dollars! Pot growers dont make that kind of money its just not there. Thats cocaine money.

  2. JimthereT on

    @screamfreak79 No fucking shit! Wavy has finally shown it true media colors with this fail of a story. Do the math on it. I live in va a pound of hydro will cost around $4000 if you bought it straight from the dude. 750,000 would mean he had 187 pounds of pot, that 187 pounds of packaged smokeable pot. They said they also found a few plants but 750k in packaged pot. I too only saw vegitative plants in a dual nft system and a bag of trimmed dead leaves. Where is the huge table with 187 pounds?

  3. screamfreak79 on

    3/4 of a million. Sounds like an instant economy fix. All I see is leaves. I tink a few thousand dollars is a more realistic estimation.

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