Marijuana Bust in Madison Florida

whats your thoughts on harm reduction?
September 19, 2010
DUI Attorney | Will urine testing reveal the presence of drugs?
September 19, 2010
MadisonFloridaVoice asked:

Two Sheriff’s Deputies checking in the 26.4 Lbs of evidence. *Please watch in HD*


  1. two45cals says:

    Fuck these asswholes… oooo we busted a weed op OOOOOOO… forget weed laws I smoke everyday. EVERYDAY. Its helps me cope with my pain…

  2. donthack1 says:

    fuck all you pigs

  3. cabesdember says:

    HAHAHA I completely agree with you

  4. carriere91 says:

    dey smoke it demselves dey were happy in da last pic

  5. deminchao1010 says:

    @Br0dyD look like decent brick to me cuhz the brick for me are shity then that bro

  6. Br0dyD says:

    some “fire shit”? Are you kidding lol. That was nothing but brick weed. Some nasty bricked reggie.

  7. deminchao1010 says:

    damn look like some fire shit

  8. scolaynic says:

    W W W . P U F M M . O R G

    Marijuana is a medicine, Sign the petition!!

  9. ahmingah says:

    niiice that would last me about 2 yearssssssssssss

  10. corvettejunkie6 says:


  11. garrettmuniz13 says:

    holy shit i wish i had that shit hhahaha

  12. tyler10125 says:

    just think you can tax the crap out medical cannabis you can give the cops of yours new cars and new equipment and still have enough give alot to schools and still be able to line your pockets