Marijuana bust – Blair Athol – 7 News

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September 14, 2010
Agents Make Large Marijuana Bust
September 14, 2010
rterminator69 asked:

Marijuana bust – Blair Athol – 7 News


  1. MrMacdaddy666 says:

    fucking cunt pigs.

  2. leianog says:

    wait i thought this was blair athol in adelaide. was wondering why all the houses were nice. BA in adelaide is a hole and theres druggies every second house

  3. bassjam1992 says:

    yea c’ what!

    bong athol

  4. smalldude1 says:


    thank you for defending me

  5. rterminator69 says:

    Listen to the first 2 words of this video; Campbelltown, Australia. Blair Athol is a suburb in campbelltown.

  6. Nemolicious32 says:

    Yes it is.

    “Blair Atholl (from the Scottish Gaelic: Blàr Athall) is a small town in Perthshire, Scotland, built about the confluence of the Rivers Tilt and Garry in one of the few areas of flat land in the midst of the Grampian Mountains. The Gaelic place-name Blair, from blàr, ‘field, plain’, refers to this location. Atholl, which may mean ‘new Ireland’, is the name of the surrounding district.”

    In perthshire

  7. rterminator69 says:

    no it is not.

  8. Nemolicious32 says:

    But Blair Atholl
    is in Perthe
    like.. Perth and Kinross, Perth..

  9. rterminator69 says:

    what? it is in australia.

  10. Nemolicious32 says:

    Not is isnt, Dipshit, Its about Blair Atholl.
    It has a map right on it.

  11. cbulletproof says:

    Lol that was your house hahaha

  12. smalldude1 says:

    ermm.this is about australia you dipshit