Marijuana bust at DeLand compound


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DBNewsJournal asked:

Marijuana grow house and compound near DeLand busted by Volusia County sheriff’s deputies on June 10, 2009. One person was arrested. See more local videos at

23 comments on “Marijuana bust at DeLand compound

  1. tommy2js on

    keep growing the good gifts God gave us .It has so many medical purpose’s. Cancer MS, Hiv,Autism,chronic pain,Glaucoma,And many more .Cop need to go after hard drugs Like Oxycointin ,Dulidid ,Ridalin.

  2. TheHabit00 on

    @xTomei Obamayourmama had everyone fooled! i wish i could take back my votes and so dont millions of others, socialist, progressive commie pig!

  3. kooldude619rey on

    I quit a few months ago cuz it ever since i have BRAIN FOG its weird i feel clouded and hazed and spacey and shit idk if its normal or if it goes away but w.e

  4. Tnig01 on

    thumbs up from all the growers out there!

    if your first thought was, “oh no! those pigs are messing up the light cycle!!!”

  5. coheed1cambria2 on

    My friend got busted today before school. . he was rollin a joint and a cop drove past, he doesnt know whats going to happen but i guess most of the cops out there are just brain washed still about how weed is “bad” for you, you know the health risks i read about it does not even come close to the effects of tobacco and alcohol on the body. Every government has its own weak points but making a fucking plant illegal is just plan stupid. They really need to open there eyes, legalize it!

  6. r0llskyay0 on

    the government steals money out of my paycheck to fund operations like this. wish there was a tripwire with some c4 attached for the curious piggies

  7. xTomei on

    it is sad that its not legal. the only reason its not is because the government cant make enough profit off of it.

    when obama legalizes it ill consider him a good president.

  8. frostymxer on

    Dear God no!!!! He is growing plants that make people feel good and be happy, STOP THIS PERSON NOW!!!

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