Major Marijuana Bust!

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September 12, 2010
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September 12, 2010
JeremyCriderTV asked:

It took two pick-up trucks to haul the 3000 pot plants found growing in a rural North Carolina field.


  1. Bkingmeaty says:

    Whoever grew all those plants is legendary

  2. iceman2765 says:

    legalize it

  3. VulcanXL says:

    Bust= Another couple of lives are ruined! DON’T REPORT PEOPLE!! All you do is ruin their lives and for what? Because propaganda says it’s bad? The true way to end this madness is Legalize and decriminalize. The pros of it greatly outweigh the cons!

  4. alaanees says:

    this would be the best marijuana grown under the sun light , free high ! no buying alcohol
    i can’t understand why some ppl are so stupid

  5. TrichomeConnoisseur says:

    “theres always more out there”

  6. Jaydizzle8 says:

    there all male plants anyways??

  7. idriveastationwagon says:

    This isn’t technically a bust because they didn’t actually bust the growers. The cops just found the plants because somebody snitched. Thankfully, our heroes who were growing this crop evaded arrest.

  8. HOSSERLEGALIZE420 says:


  9. TheCannabisChannel says:

    prohibition doesn’t work!