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September 22, 2010
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September 23, 2010
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November 03, 2010 MSNBC Keith Olbermann


  1. bardofoc says:

    Well, when u find a guy who can ACTUALLY clean the mess then let the rest of us know cuz the man trying to do that job now is a stumbling buffoon. What’s so hard to understand that America hates Obama’s liberal policies that only guarantee job security for lazy ass union members and gov’t employees at the expense of true Americans who actually live off their own sweat. It’s a simple philosophy. Keep your greedy hands away from my paycheck and out of my life, and I wont vote u out of office.

  2. bardofoc says:

    @MissMoxie78 My point wasn’t to bash Viagra users. It was to call the pot black. Dont get around much on the Web do u? Around 3 years ago when bathtub boy couldnt keep himself from getting his jollies on air by repeating O’reilly loufa jokes, a story broke on the Web about a time Olby meet up with an online buddy, then tried to hook up w/her in a hotel room. Needless to say, his performance was a no performance. He is the biggest and fattest hypocrit on TV who really needs to STFU

  3. smaugfrost says:


    So, you admit that the GOP will do absolutely nothing to help the economy, since Obama “took ownership” of it.

    Well, he went across the aisle for bi partisan support for two fucking years, and why change their lazy shiftless ways now, right?

    The Conservatives are useless. Just a fucking weak party of do nothing war mongering bible thumping hypocrites who pump up government spending, crash the economy, and then leave their childish mess for the next guy coming in to clean up.

  4. DannyGrowth says:

    Paladino has about as much dignity as Will Sasso in Drop Dead Gorgeous.

  5. MissMoxie78 says:

    @bardofoc I have never looked at Olbermanns buldge before so I will have to take your word for that. Thanks for the inside scoop. BTW I don’t know if you watch TV or not but you probably just insulted a great deal of men who can’t get it up who are past the age of 50. I base that on the massive number of Viagra commercials I see of course and not personal experience.

  6. bardofoc says:

    Are you deaf or do you just have selective hearing? A few months back, Obama declared ownership of the economy. That’s right, so there is no walking this thing back to the GOP now. And if your man can’t handle the pressure, then tell him not to stick his foot in his mouth. I also clearly remember him saying that if his big ass stimulus bill went through, unemployment would remain below 8%. Didnt that work fantastic? Lets see Overstate call him on that like he called Bush on declaring victory

  7. MissMoxie78 says:

    @larrygentry I bet you’re right.. LOL I bet she cries all the time.

  8. bardofoc says:

    @larrygentry At least Boehner has a wife! After 50 years, Olberdouche cant land a lady because of his limp appendage.

  9. Dedhedted71 says:

    Olberman & this whole damn station are televisions biggest joke!

  10. Sunmocker says:

    The Orange man comes crying…

  11. 19fas88 says:

    this is why i watch bbc news for american news. completely unbiased.

  12. jstncbllr says:

    @MooseOfReason I think you’re missing the point… KO’s not bagging on Boehner for crying. He’s claiming that if a Dem cried, they’d get picked on, and also that the repubs in general are chest thumpers.
    Don’t take this to mean I agree with KO, or even really care. I don’t. Just sayin’ your point is off.

  13. BabybooR33 says:

    a nice good strong collapse should screw peoples heads on straight…

  14. MooseOfReason says:

    If this were a progressive making his/her victory speech on election night, and they got choked up, MSNBC would be applauding them.

  15. MoCityDon1508 says:

    government can kiss my ass! weed is legal in my house

  16. IronRangeSurvival says:

    Damn, I thought we were going to get that retard from Florida, that cried for all those who died without “health care reform”; that forced everyone to pay the insurance corporations. LOL

  17. MarmaladeINFP says:

    Did Boehner learn his crying trick from Glenn Beck? Or did Beck learn it from Boehner? So, what’s with crying Republican guys? Is this a new trend? Does crying mean they’re compassionate conservatives? Republican men cry and Republican women argue for the merits of manning up. I think Ann Coulter is probably the most masculine rightwinger that can be found. What is becoming of the world!?! LOL

  18. larrygentry says:

    @MissMoxie78 I think his wife cries during sex

  19. MissMoxie78 says:

    I bet John Boehner is one of those overly sensitive man types who cry after and sometimes even during sex.

  20. DidYouJustMakeThatUp says:

    @BusinessEdgeRadio He does it for free.

  21. BusinessEdgeRadio says:

    @ThePoliticalPugilist How much is Bill O’Reilly paying you to suck on his balls?

  22. katyperryfanfan16 says:

    37% said voting was against Obama policies while not voting for Obama. Keith Olbermann said that was not a factor in the voting. 28% claim as Independents & you need the Independent vote to win. So more than 1 in 3 voters sent democrats home with a loss because they voted against the Obama democrats. THIS MAKES ME HAPPY!!!

  23. Roonskii says:

    @skyding8962 Look someone taught a filthy knuckle dragging ape how to type!

  24. Roonskii says:

    @skyding8962 Nine month old children do not work and lou dobbs isn’t reporting on his employees.

  25. skyding8962 says:

    @Roonskii ‘

    Private sector job growth not even enough to keep up with population growth = Feels like a recession. You illiterate moron