Kiowa Tribal Land, 2nd Marijuana Bust–Part II

Inside a medical marijuana growing facility
September 17, 2010
Come 2 Jamaica 4 ONE LOVE & police state of emergency !
September 17, 2010
saycoin72 asked:

PART 2 of 4: The second “Marijuana Plant” bust to take place on Kiowa Tribal Lands within a two week period in nearby Kiowa County, OK. This operation took place on the “Satepeahtaw” property in the late afternoon of “Sunday, August 22, 2010” approximately 21/2 miles WNW of Carnegie, OK which is located in just across the countyline into Kiowa County. I was informed of this operation by my brother who monitors police transmissions on a Bearcat scanner. Due to the Movie Maker Program being inoperative I am forced to post “raw” footage. This will be a “four part” series showing what occurred on Sunday, August 22, 2010 west of Carnegie, OK just across the county-line into Kiowa County, OK. According to a Bureau of Indian Affairs officer who I met near the site of the operation this recent marijuana crop site was on or near the same site as a previous marijuana crop bust that occurred in 2009. Obviously, Mexican Cartel marijuana growers have no compunction regarding where they grow their marijuana crops and will even re-plant their illegal crops on Indian lands. It wasn’t learned if any Mexican grower suspects were arrested in this lastest marijuana plant bust on Indian Trust Property in SW Oklahoma. Personally, I am concerned because these illegal activities which show a distinct disregard for Kiowa property and ironically are very close to local Kiowa historic, cultural, and sacred sites. Over the decades the historic Kiowa have had an extremely difficult undertaking to

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