Keene marijuana arrest the first of its kind since 2010


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15 comments on “Keene marijuana arrest the first of its kind since 2010

  1. UtubeAdminSucksAss on

    Can you imagine George Washington locked up for smoking mary jane? He did and if the war on drugs existed in his day we would all be British since George would be incarcerated.

  2. helltrackrider on

    In the words of the late Eazy – E…

    Fuck tha Police.

    …And to all those who say there are “Good Cops and only the bad apples make the news”…WAKE UP, Sociopathy is NOT a “Good” thing.

  3. a10fjet on

    @earthmother just cuz its the law doesnt mean its a good law. its one of the worst laws ever seen since alcohol prohibition.

  4. networkedfreedom on

    inexplicably annoying? I opposed the event out of redundancy and being generally tiresome and predictable. but otherwise it was nice. people of all ages communicating and cooperating…until the police made the arrest

  5. chocomalk on

    I’m pretty sure they have to make a pot bust every once in a while, how else will they get free weed?
    Let’s just hope it keeps them mellow for a while.

  6. TheNorthwestReport on

    I’ve seen around 100 MJ arrests so far and I have yet to see one person hurt from their actions other than having a violent gang with shinny badges descend upon them, chain them, kidnap them, and lock them in a cage.

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