John Whitehead – A Government Of Wolves


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John Whitehead - A Government Of WolvesJohn Whitehead (Rutherford Institute) is interview by historian Tom Woods (The Tom Woods Show) regarding his new book “A Government Of Wolves,” which details…

24 comments on “John Whitehead – A Government Of Wolves

  1. sherri99516 on

    Thanks for posting this interview with John Whitehead & discussing his new
    book “A Government of Wolves”. It just goes to show that all lawyers
    aren’t bad, especially the ones who practice U.S. Constitutional law. In
    this day and age they are worth their weight in gold right now. I’m glad
    he’s on our side. 🙂

  2. diskpanic on

    Huh, John Whitehead was incorrect about George Washington. George
    Washington firmly believed in a standing military force. When it was put
    forth that the military of the United States should be limited to only
    5,000 men during peace time, Washington is reported to have quipped that he
    would approve of such a limit in the Constitution if it is also in the
    Constitution that the invading force would have no more than 3,000 men.

  3. baianoise on

    The state is a tick the sucks the tax blood, if a lot of people stop to use
    fiat currency, and instead start to use cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, step
    by step we will kill this tick by famine.

  4. Sons Of Liberty on

    Revolution is coming. An irate minority is fast becoming a majority, A
    powder keg about to explode. For far too long we’ve been doing nothing
    about the attacks on are freedom’s and liberties, the perverted nature of
    the federal government and federal reserve, the open bribery (PAC’s) of are
    government officials, murdering innocent people in the name of national
    security, undeclared wars that does at best nothing to keep us safer and at
    worst makes us less safe by the rightful and justified anger felt by the
    local recipients of said wars and governments as well as the international
    community. Too long we’ve stood by and watched the perversion and
    subversion of are constitution. War is coming and the tree of liberty will
    be refreshed with the blood of Patriots and tyrants, This country has
    plenty of both. (forgive any grammar errors, I’m dyslexic)

  5. Daniel M. Ramos on

    Ask yourself, why would you want to live in a government of wolves?
    This is insanity!
    There is nothing sacred about the Union or the Federal Government.
    The sovereign people of the individual States delegated certain enumerated
    powers to the Federal Government.
    What we have today is a system of tyranny that long ago ceased to know its
    limits or represent its people in any meaningful way.
    This Union will not long endure given where it is headed.

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