How To Build A Criminal Empire


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How To Build A Criminal Empireon the backs of our children. Stop The Madness

5 comments on “How To Build A Criminal Empire

  1. BipolarStoner420 on

    @tucsonpersonified This video was a 3 part video.
    The next part can be seen at watch?v=meciIVRznyU&feature=channel
    The final part, watch?v=WfwJTgsyu5w&feature=channel

    Thanks for watching

  2. tucsonpersonified on

    This is a new one by him an actual sit down. He is very well spoken and informed having seen it first hand. The problem is the costs to the tax payer never forget that money is creating an entire job sectors. That is the incentive to continue with the madness even he was a part of it. How much did he make a year?

  3. BipolarStoner420 on

    Yes, this is quite possibly my favorite vid on my channel. Too bad so few have watched it.

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