“Hot Pot Dissident” phones from jail after marijuana event arrest

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RidleyReport asked:

Sponsor: FreeKeene.com – Marijuana demonstration lands three in jail. One calls us from her detention while we’re in the lobby. Streamed by Dave Ridley in United States. More at http pot marijuana bust ron paul cops ridleyreport arrested new hampshire detained staters cops police free state project freed nh amnesty international dave ridley report political prisoners jailed activist liberty live free or die Catherine Bleish MIAC austin free press activist libertarian prison civil disobedience. LOLA ladies of liberty alliance detainee calendar girls hotties.

17 comments on ““Hot Pot Dissident” phones from jail after marijuana event arrest

  1. JesusChristsSoldier on

    Regardless they are breaking the law and are going to be arrested! No matter how absurd a law is, if it is a law, and is being broken, then you are going to be arrested. As i said earlier I don’t give a shit about who smokes pot, but there is a law against it. The fact that all these people gathered and smoked weed in public, then got pissed off when they were arrested, and continued to break the law thereafter proves my point that these people are fucking retarded!

  2. Stationsig on

    I disagree. Ending the prohibition requires more than the usual meager political action. What these activists are doing is trying to show their local community (and perhaps the rest of the state) that marijuana is not really dangerous and that smoking it is a normal, harmless activity. It’s an attempt to slowly build up a paradigm shift in the way people think about drugs.

  3. JesusChristsSoldier on

    Seriously? They’re fucking retarded! They smoke weed in public, which in my eyes, being someone who supports marijuana is just flat out fucking retarded. Why would you openly break a law, as oppose to battling it the way things like this were meant to be dealt with civilly; in congress. Its the tards like these who make marijuana enforcement seem even more legitimate.

  4. downlowfunk on

    Illuminati got her good. They are getting paid to hold her, and they get another check from the mandatory sales of High Fructose Corn Syrup. Illuminati poisoned food, in an Illuminati jail. Guess ill just go take another glug from the Fluoride faucet.

  5. Stationsig on

    I must say that this is an amazing display of the efficiency and energy of the liberty activists in NH.

    You guys are like a lifeline to those who are taken down. I hope you reach a favorable outcome.

  6. junior00bacon00chee on

    fucking inhuman pigs.

    free humanity has been held down for some time….it will not continue forever. something is breaking out, and no govt on the planet is in position to stop it.

    my heart goes out to all those abused by this absolutely retarded system, may you find peace still amongst such mindless brutes.

  7. slewofdamascus on

    They aren’t even goping to let the poor girl eat until monday?

    Have they ever heard of writing a citation and releasing the individual?

    What’s with the straight jcket bullshit?

    Can someone explain what’s happening here?

    This is an abuse of power, they are making up charges on people to rationalize a marijuana arrest.

    Does the city manager or mayor think this is a good use of public resources? WTF?

  8. cazyblood3 on

    A crazy person tells no lies;
    projecting what they feel inside.
    A crazy person can’t be blamed;
    for those they curse, or hurt, or maim.
    A crazy person can’t be told;
    if they’re a child or grown old.
    A crazy person makes us see;
    that crazy person,

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