GTA IV RCMP Clan – Toronto Police Service (TPS) Transit Patrol – Canadian Patrol #9

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April 6, 2013
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April 6, 2013

GTA IV RCMP Clan - Toronto Police Service (TPS) Transit Patrol - Canadian Patrol #9Toronto Police Service (TPS) Official Website: Toronto Uniforms by Officer Swift: Th…


  1. FBHackerGames12 says:

    How can i join this clan ? Answer me plz my psn : TheWarMakers001

  2. giancarlogames says:

    can you guys do a york region police episode

  3. Avsports23 says:

    Thanks ;)

  4. MeSsYhEaD98 says:

    what siren do you use and if possible can i have the link

  5. Cameron Tassler says:

    Pack link?

  6. nicholas Fields says:

    what kind of pc do you have to play this game?

  7. Maxadx2 says:

    Hahahaha awesome!!

  8. phillip stafford-dafoe says:

    You guys should do the Kingston Ontario regional police force

  9. ZackMartin24 says:

    I was hoping for some TTC action. Aw man!

  10. Rammed2SevenWalls says:

    Do you have a list with all the code numbers and the meanings, or are you just saying random sh*t, its getting a bit repetitivi

  11. michael olanbanji says:

    Vice fifa man

  12. Avsports23 says:

    Yes, that blooper was amazing! Thanks for putting it up Glen, it was super fun! 😀

  13. mseebs says:

    Skillet – Hero

  14. Jacob Galindo says:

    i watch the’s videos all the time there cool to watch keep up the good work (:

  15. Kejuan Washington says:


  16. devin wright says:

    how do you get this game

  17. Avsports23 says:

    Yup, best part, by far!

  18. MALIKGREGO says:

    Glen can you urban me so we can talk

  19. MediaRelationsUnit says:

    Yes there is a sort of language that we speak using what are called 10 codes (10-1 to 10-99) each code means something different. search ” Campbell River RCMP 10 Codes” in google.They are mostly the same as the ones we use. Be advised there are some differences. For example 10-80 for us means game invite but for Campbell River RCMP it means Probation Category.
    Try and follow along to what we are saying!
    MRO/Dispatcher MMOOG
    RCMP Clan Media Relations Unit

  20. MephistoGaming says:

    Hey Yo Ranger, i’m getting GTA IV for PC in a month, I’d want to do some videos with you 😀

  21. samuel62sd73 says:

    i do

  22. demonslayr1648 says:

    Hey can these mods work on the Ps3 if so email me at

  23. ThePolishpittbull says:

    101 speak up, you sound like a whispering girl.

  24. Colby Winslow says:

    Sweet I’m 10!

  25. copcar1100 says:

    Glen, How good is your graphics card?

  26. sam dano says:

    Dude if i wanna play in your clan do i have to know every street name and where it is?

  27. tanu1215 says:

    Wait I don’t get it. What was the blooper

  28. XxRaNgErScOpExX1 says:

    @Avsports23 haha no problem! Thought you’d like it 😉

  29. olympique96 says:

    More long !!

  30. THENKHACKER says:

    Hey people if u have a xbox and u wanna be in a lcpd clan message THE NKHACKER and will see if u can join have to be 10 and older

  31. MegaHamez says:

    Speak louder ffs

  32. Colby Winslow says:

    What is the song called in the beginning on of the vid?

  33. Rammed2SevenWalls says:


  34. oohDMND says:

    Keep up the amazing work

  35. Cody Darr says:

    good video

  36. XxRaNgErScOpExX1 says:

    We use the Campbell River (BC) RCMP Detachment’s 10 Codes

  37. LcityRPG says:

    I do

  38. Ranjot Shergill says:

    awesome man keep it up

  39. nailtwist says:

    Does any one have xbox 360

  40. Trollvini TCM says:

    please lower you car by car or is a package?

  41. Cody Darr says:

    good video

  42. azhar rasool says:

    u guys did a good job on the mods

  43. Kejuan Washington says:

    When I watched this we had the same type of weather (fog)

  44. DJAST1996 says:

    That blooper made my day! XD

  45. Lucas Nestor says:

    What is the song that you guys use in your into video. Please email me the song at, thanks. 🙂

  46. gavinschannel5 says:

    Ottawa police

  47. laxchamp781 says:

    its in the description as always

  48. KingMcNugget14 says:

    Love the cars! I libe just east of tororoto

  49. Dawid kujanowski says:

    This game is calles Gta IV and its moded Multiplayer bitch 😀