Georges St-Pierre Talks Nick Diaz, Johny Hendricks, Carlos Condit & More


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49 comments on “Georges St-Pierre Talks Nick Diaz, Johny Hendricks, Carlos Condit & More

  1. MrDeadeyes on

    He’s ducking Hendricks. That’s why he took the role in Captain America. Keep in mind: I’m Canadian.

  2. Dylan N on

    What other fucking credit does he need? Now you’re being fucking retarded.

    GSP is fucking top, and his ground game is top.

    You’re just an idiot saying he’s #1 at wrestling in the whole UFC, and that’s that.

    All you want to do is start worthless arguments, and spew pure bullshit.

    You’re a worthless mma fan.
    Do not fucking respond to me anymore. This is wasting my time. You dumb cunt. lmfao.
    Go suck GSP cock, because that’s what this is all about. #1 wrestler in UFC? shut the fuck up fly

  3. Edmond Dantez on

    It’s still nice to see someone who can exhibit class and still win. For some people the idea of a willful, dope smoking everyman like Diaz is attractive. They identify with it. For some people the brainy, cautious ex-nerd is the guy they identify with. That was me and I’ll admit it’s why I’m a GSP fan. I identify.

  4. acid553 on

    What you talking about, the fight is already set for both of them to fight…Captain america what role?

  5. bjcjkd on

    If there is one guy I would want my children to look up to its him. I he is a hard worker, healthy fit and also respectful when he expressing an opinion. The Silva fight I really do not get why people want to see that isn’t it good enough for you that the man is the best in the weight division he is in? I mean really he is right about Roy Jones Jr, the heavyweight messed him up. GSP should stay in his weight division he will still retire as the greatest UFC fighter anyway.

  6. Dylan N on

    I train, and from my point of view. ALL these ufc fighters are fucking insane. Obviously. Which is why i never talk down about any fighters, and only talk about weaknesses.

    I just want to remind you that this is a sport where savages are ok with hurting people, and being hurt. NOthing about this sport is classy, or normal.

    It is pretty insane what he pulls on UFC, but hey. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot worse on the streets, and he fought a lot of people when he was younger to survive lol

  7. Dylan N on

    Fuck’ em? You’re def. one of those guys he’s talking about.

    Shut the fuck up, and get ready to enjoy the fight on the 16.

    You’re speading so much hate about NIck Diaz. You hyprocite. God i should have known that you’re just like most 14 year olds on youtube.

    Jesus christ son.

    Not going to treat you like a human anymore you fool.

  8. treezX on

    Its okay either way. Some people don’t think Diaz deserves the fight. I don’t know if he deserves it but I certainly want to see it more than GSP/Hendricks.

  9. Trav Osterly on

    GSp has a hell of a reach advantage . 76 inches to his 69 . GSp has bigger reaches than dudes that are 6’0 , 6’1 , 6’2 and he is only 5’9

  10. Edmond Dantez on

    What other part of wrestling would you like to see from an MMA fighter to give him credit? You seem to like to move the goalposts.

  11. KillerManzarek on

    I agree! we can say that GSP is a smart fighter and he is the best in UFC at takedowns! he’s one of the top all-around fighters and wrestlers, but not THE best! I really think Sonnen is the best wrestler and Silva is the best all-around!!!

  12. Edmond Dantez on

    I never said he’s #1 at wrestling in the whole UFC. I’m simply asking you to commit to who would, in your estimation, be the #1 wrestler in the UFC. All you’ve done is deny the claim, you haven’t even suggested a better name. If anybody is looking to suck George’s cock it’s you, you’re just playing hard to get. I’ll respond to you any time I want and there isn’t SHIT you can do about it.

  13. OPShergottite on

    dont hate diaz, but he isnt smart. in his fight against condit he was not able to change his strategy for 5 rounds! many people were pissed because it wasnt the (dog) fight we all wanted to see, but the truth is that condit outstriked diaz who didnt adapt and just continued to try the same things round by round. and that has nothing to do with education

  14. Edmond Dantez on

    Your evaluation of Diaz seems a little presumptive, your evaluation of GSP seems a little narrow.

  15. cram5671 on

    Okay let me make this very clear to you… as someone who understands the sport and has competed in both boxing and jiu jitsu… I can appreciate the most technical of fights… Just because he went in with a strategy that wasnt “stand in front of diaz and swing” means he ran or was scared? umm no, and sheep? lol You commented here first and I started actively following the ufc AFTER I started training, hence i follow the sport not the entertainment, moron.

  16. Dylan N on

    That’s takedowns. Surely it’s a part of wrestling, but GSP takes people down a lot of other ways as well.

    We’re talking about pure wrestling, and control. Positions, and wrestling defense. You’re saying once GSP is on the ground. He’s #1 wrestler in UFC. Chael sonnen would easily keep GSP down on his back, but i’m not saying chael would win.

    People who have top ground games are not always top at wrestling. GSP have the best ground experience in the UFC would be closer

  17. acid553 on

    So true on what you just said…people are dumb they want the smaller guy to fight the bigger guy.silva and bones will be a better match up…

  18. Dylan N on

    Well that’s the thing. NIck Diaz is not about high intensity, but he can if he wants.

    He’s a stand up boxer, and he’ll keep a 70-85% pace on you through out the 25 minutes.

    That’s why he throws so many weak punches, but after 200 of those. You’d slowly get dizzy, and ruin your breathing patterns.

    GSP throws a lot of insane knockout power punches. Both techniques are common, and these two are prime at it.
    NIck Diaz probably grew up in a rowdy rowdy school. We are not much better by talking

  19. NiggazInKonoha on

    He surely not a wannabe. Have you heard the conference call ? No more promo right now. I mean the way he talked is more than disrespectful ! I wont even belive no more hes a badass lol this guy frustrated for sure or really dumb

  20. 63Bueno on

    Yea, I do think its smart, I can imagine you gain alot of mental strength through being able to do something as incredible as completing a triathlon. Besides, Nick loves them, he does them for fun. Nick is a hell of a lot smarter than you, just because he isn’t educated doesn;t mean he isn’t smart.

  21. DC180 on

    this is supposed to be fucking UFC… not a tag contest… but…. because of this ruling… you will get this gay action to ‘win’ a what you call a, ‘UFC’ fight…. not a real Ultimate fight… but a ‘UFC fight’ … it’s all business and you are just sucked in from the entertainment.

  22. Edmond Dantez on

    “You’re speading so much hate about NIck Diaz.” Yup, and anybody that does the 180 degree turns he does and makes the excuses he does deserves it. Nick Diaz is a great fighter, I just think all the evidence points to him being a shit human being. I hope GSP busts his head wide open and ends his career.

  23. cram5671 on

    closing the distance when he decides is not running, its called strategy, he actively striked more and landed more… people are funny, the sport promotes too many internet idiot wann-abees.

  24. jamminjackhammer on

    love to see diaz win, but all probability points to a points victory to gsp, who should imo show some balls and go 4 a knockout this time.

  25. TrevorDeanM on

    Totally. How could anyone have a problem with this guy or his attitude. It makes me want to hate the people that say negative asinine things about him but those people are trapped in their own cages. It’s like the ink blots, they see only what is inside of them.

  26. patrick magee on

    This guy is a gentleman, my hat goes off to gsp,,to hear a fighter say that they are upset when they can’t perform well for the fans that says alot about his character . ITs almost like he’s too hard on himself I honestly think he doesn’t give himself enough credit ,,he is a great champion with great talent. Hopefully the Silva gsp fight will happen I would also love to see gsp Jones, and Jones Silva I think any combination of the three fights would smash any previous ufc ppv sales ,

  27. Deondre Clark on

    This guy is smart as hell. I was disappointed that he chose Diaz over Hendricks. Now I feel dumb for ever thinking that

  28. OPShergottite on

    i think there are a lot of fans who watch mma for a longer time (pride!) an those fans are not so ungratefull because they know the sport and all the hype around

  29. andrew maglasang on

    men george is the collest ufc star ever. . would love to train with him. . . hahahahha. . gud luck george and woop that diaz fucking mouth. . best regards from philippines

  30. Edmond Dantez on

    “Trains harder”??? Do you really think it’s smart to use triathlons, that take almost three hours of steady aerobics to complete, to train for a 29 minute fight that’s broken into 5, 5 minute blocks of high intensity ANaerobics,? What Diaz needs to do is train SMARTER. What do I want from him? Not being a hot-headed, knot-headed, jackass, short-bus, “George can I pet the rabbits”, can’t form a coherent sentence, STOCKTON! MUTHAFUCKAH, STOCKTON! … FUCKTARD! would be a good start.

  31. Cody Gilmore on

    Idc if Carlos out struck Diaz he ran away the whole time that should be a automatic lost. He ran all 5 rounds

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