Gary Silva Medical Marijuana Grower Gets Busted

Medicinal Marijuana?
September 9, 2010
can cannabis aka marijuana decrease palmoplantar hyperhydrosis sweating problem?
September 9, 2010
aolthof007 asked:

Trial update on Gary needs your support! Gary Silva Talks about his arrest for growing medical marijuana as a care giver for medicine and how the DEA and the local Sheriffs abused him and acted like thugs and thieves when they busted his grow. Al Olthof and Red Toph find out the facts and discover that growing marijuana for cancer patients is not a criminal act. It is interesting that Gary got busted on two days after a meeting with the Sheriff’s Dept. at MAPP which discussed what was allowed. The “Cops” video is now available on aolthof007 channel.


  1. ak63pro says:

    lol funny ass comments… if i ever did a large scale grow id rig up explosive ready for the pigs if the did raid me…..

  2. myspaceBLOODARTIST says:

    I love it when cops get killed during grow-raids. PLEASE KILL MORE PIGS!

  3. B3matic says:

    If weed was legal and taxed the economy would be in great shape, and everybody could buy really good dope for a lot less than the black market price! Hoo Ray!!!

  4. 1chance57 says:


  5. kofixop says:

    REVENGE ! just fucking kill the cops who did that to you !

  6. aciidphreeek says:

    I’m not canadian, and you just replied to a comment I left over a year ago.

  7. PaulieBallsDeep4Life says:

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  8. aolthof007 says:

    get trial updates, check for more info in the description at the top right of this pages

  9. ezra2662 says:

    This makes me so mad. I fucking hate cops. What a waste of our tax money.

    9:04 – “I actually believed that the law meant something…”

    It doesn’t. It’s just a tool used by cops to manipulate and abuse. Fucking bastards I hope they all fry in hell.

  10. purecork says:

    strange how they have designated police forces for marijuana growers and patients yet no such teams are there for rapists

    the police need to wake up and ask are they the peace keepers or just the tools of a select few making the calls.

    to serve the public or to serve the status quo?

  11. ajawofcopan says:

    what has what to do with huh? I don’t see or remember my question

  12. ProverbialBootStraps says:

    What has that to do with marijuana being illegal and just plain wrong?

  13. ajawofcopan says:

    oh well at least it’s not for a chump like you to decide what’s a “waste” and what’s not. At least the kid doesn’t drink gallons of coffee a day and go through 4 bottles of nasal spray because he’s addicted to both and then posts on a subject he has no fucking clue about

  14. aciidphreeek says:

    Yea Ive heard that before -.-

  15. ProverbialBootStraps says:

    God bless you aciidphreeek!

  16. aciidphreeek says:

    Your reply has no revelence whatsoever to mine, I dont know who Timothy Leary is, and I dont give a fuck. Where im from its a prime minister not a president. Also ive never tried acid. What has that go to do with cannabis? I was commenting on how wrong I think your analysis on smoking cannabis was.

  17. ProverbialBootStraps says:

    I see by your post that marijuana really has a calming effect, makes you respectful and an upstanding citizen.
    Who said anything political? I have done what you did more times than you can shake a stick. Getting high and playing video games is a waste of ones life.

  18. rohw0016 says:

    you are a fucking hack. i smoke weed at night down by my pond to wind down after i shitty day at work i then play video games in my room (i prefer call of duty and or GTA4)then i go to bed, can u agree there is no harm done. every thing u are saying does not hold up, basically what i am sayin is ur full of shit. u and ur political bullshit…matter of fact i’m high right now…..weird

  19. ProverbialBootStraps says:

    And I suppose you think Timothy Leary should have been President?? aciidphreeek, like I should listen to anything you have to say. I know what acid does to you too.

  20. aciidphreeek says:

    ProverbialBootStraps that is complete bullshit, dont comment on things you have no experience of. Your messed up in the first place if smoking weed makes you a bad person.

  21. ProverbialBootStraps says:

    When you smoke marijuana continually, the brain is dulled and participants are brought more and more under its control. This lowers restraint and self-control, bringing out the negative traits in each person’s character.

  22. ProverbialBootStraps says:

    >>> that the essential harmful effects on society, that marijuana cause, far outweigh the benefits.
    Back to the story. If the police abused their authority then they should be punished; as should anyone who breaks the law.

  23. ProverbialBootStraps says:

    >>> will lead to coast to coast abuse. This will result in the negation of taxable profits made by legalization, being spent on crime and treatment associated with its use. They will essentially cancel each other out: + or – depending on certain factors. I do not have to have a PHD or spend millions of the taxpayers dollars to KNOW these things. I know from experience of being in the business for many years. Granted, I have been out of the business for a few years, but the fact still remains>>>

  24. ProverbialBootStraps says:

    My words here ARE accurate as per experience. As for medical marijuana, I have no contentions with its doctor prescribed use, however I have seen hidden camera video of people abusing the system; having phantom pain just to get a prescription to get high. Again, I have no contention with true medical use; in fact my brother, who died of AIDS in ’96 used it frequently to curb nausea so he could eat and hold it down. The problem is that marijuana is so widely regarded as harmless and that…>>>

  25. aolthof007 says:

    MMj is legal in California and many other states. Your contentions here are not accurate and I wonder where you got the statistic you quote, did you make it up yourself?
    Police have a bad habit of abusing their power and authority, which they clearly did in Gary’s case. You may not agree that MMJ should be legal, but you should agree that it is not acceptable for any law enforcement to abuse their mandates that were given to them by the People.