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September 28, 2010
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September 28, 2010
FreeKeene asked:

A NYPD police officer who tackled a bicyclist for no reason is off the force and facing criminal charges, marijuana may act as a protective agent against injury, a 15-year-old girl is facing child porn charges for taking nude photos of herself, inflation and the Downsizer Dispatch, handing over banks to the fed, teens volunteering and national service, and a South Asian man who was stopped 21 times for random searches sues NYPD for racial profiling.


  1. vannoah says:

    Check this out — tinyurl[dot]com/oghct2
    (Look how well the Netherlands are doing)

  2. georgedonnelly says:

    Great show!

  3. P3rf3ctStorm says:

    – As far as the searches of New Yorkers go, that’s completely unjustified iwth respect to (now pretty much non-existent) 4th (& 5th) Amendment protections. I’m amazed that New Yorkers put up with that. Iv’e been there before and I definitely noticed the very sheepish nature of NYC dwellers with regards to such matters. Didn’t these “random” searches begin around the time of the London/Madrid false flag attacks? These are definitely police state tactics.

    — So I agree almopst 100% Toby & Nick!

  4. P3rf3ctStorm says:

    – Obama’s idea to make volunteerism essentially mandatory (paid service for now) is so contradictory in its conception that its basically doublethink. I agree with Nick that it’s more about control, than actually getting them to volunteer. It’s about a plan to get youth used to “public service” and then morphing it into compulsory service. The draft (conscripted service) is the utlitmate morph and we’re right back to involuntary servitude (slavery). Toby’s right that it’s a VERY slippery slope.

  5. P3rf3ctStorm says:

    – You’re right on the money (so to speak): yes, END THE FED! Support RP’s bill to do so. Support DownsizeDC’s efforts. And good advice on the inflation and gold-silver front.

    – Nationalization of the banks is a very bad idea. A FEW well selected regulations would do the trick (e.g. anti-usury, anti-monopoly, anti-bailout when bad investments are made).

    – It shouldn’t be THAT hard to make an honest dollar. The government (Fed, State, and local) MAKES IT WAY TOO HARD. Voluneerism is ok.

  6. P3rf3ctStorm says:

    – Justice was definitely served with respect to the bicylist in NYC. NYPD is infamous for these kinds of abuses.

    – Restricting videographers in public places, no matter who is present (like cops) is ludicrous. The people in the UK need to revolt in a major way against that, not “escape” by moving to NH.

    – Legalize marijuana and de-criminalize simple drug possession. Yes, sounds rational to me!

    – The 15-year old – creating her own “child pornography” using herself? Whaa? That’s insane!!!

  7. GEERUP says:

    thank you guys for doing a great job on your program I thoroughly enjoy it. also the fundamental principles of Free state and constitutional liberty, may it spread like wildfire.