Free Marc Emery Protest encounters RCMP

How can Rudy Giuliani reject the medicinal value of marijuana?
September 7, 2010
Hight Times Marijuana Growing part 4
September 7, 2010
ActNow420 asked:

From 2004


  1. madeconstudent says:

    good work, stand strong

  2. evanj21 says:

    Those badges were dumb as fuck.

  3. gregtubez says:

    Wow! these cops are awesome! they look just like John Candy and Steve Martin! Its like Planes trains and automobiles, only its not funny at all!!!

  4. moretech says:

    this gos to prove that Americans no nothing about Canada.

  5. iswear1982 says:

    thank god someone finally said it lol..

  6. johnedston says:


    Those are RCMP officers. Welcome to Canada. Retired American

  7. SPACE3200 says:

    The excuse “police are just doing their job” will not always be valid…People are tired of being lied to by the police and Congress

  8. ActNow420 says:

    linuxman55: Do you comment on every video tagged “RCMP?” You’re a security guard – why do you care about cops? Did they reject you and maybe you’re trying to kiss butt to get in there?