Florida marijuana bust

Cop Eats Pot Brownies Calls 911 (Full)
September 5, 2010
How To Grow Medical Marijuana Video
September 5, 2010
wala asked:

SANTA ROSA CO., Fla. – More than $2 million in marijuana was seized from a field in the Brownsdale community, just south of Jay off Bud Diamond road.


  1. johnsblade says:

    Arrested?? lol. No, afraid not. Thank goodness I live in a country where, i don’t have to worry about the likes of prop 19. I do love the states, and have been fortunate enough to spend alot of time there, but getting treated like a criminal for smoking weed, when deadly firarms are readily avaliable, and acceptable..is nothing short of a joke! Peace out and much love JB

  2. spiderman292007 says:

    @johnsblade you’re just upset that you’ve been arrested by the police so many times. guess what prop 19 didn’t pass now you have somthing else to cry about.

  3. johnsblade says:

    @spiderman292007 Police do a good job? Baaaaaahhh! What world do you live in! The marijuana trade will never, ever be stopped! They tried to ban alcohol in the 1920’s (proibition) What followed was the biggest crime spree in US history…police do a good job….whatever, lmao!

  4. BekBud1 says:

    @willpower189 no it didn’t, i smoked all that shit.

  5. jkgtitanic says:

    why does are government make plants illegal
    hell they might make pine trees illegal

  6. donzaliko says:

    god will damn u sonofabitch

  7. Potemtole says:

    @spiderman292007 DEA GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. willpower189 says:

    all that bud just went to waste 🙁

  9. spiderman292007 says:

    hahahaha look at all you cry babies whining and crying that the DEA and police do a good job.

  10. rencilein says:

    @kwfarace lol

  11. thedirtynasty says:


    L7 weeeenie.

  12. Hcorrigan22 says:

    thats where im gettin my christmas tree

  13. TheUnIimitedOne says:

    @dumbimperialism neeeerd

  14. nismogtp says:

    that guy must be smoking a lot

  15. teeznutz0 says:


  16. slivic83 says:

    yoy yoy oy yoy Fuck tha police!!!!
    leave that man alone!!!

  17. bringambertheh0rizon says:

    better being sold on our streets then as evidence….

  18. organicTREES420 says:

    eat my dick up police douche

  19. impleasen says:

    only way to stop the drug problem is to tax it


    big deal …pot grew wild all over the place before they cut it all down …they create the problem they reap the rewards all around …i like the accident at the end …too bad the cop didnt get hit a little harder …jk

  21. dumbimperialism says:

    fucking dealers !!!

  22. IrishDrifter85 says:

    @kwfarace what he means is that it will take away from the potency of the female.

  23. gibsonrock234 says:

    amen bro, fuck bp!

  24. dimebuckerpickups says:

    leave pot alone some peaple need it its there medicine

  25. 48snowbird says:

    @Ascendancy2010 yeah, go bust the oil tar balls along the gulf coast, and leave the safe nontoxic god given HERB alone~