First Impressions


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olinselot asked:

First impressions are everything in communication and society. Unfortunately not everyone understands this. phamdamily: killingfunny: twitter:

4 comments on “First Impressions

  1. olinselot on

    Although I asked the question in the video I never answered it myself. I was on a double date with these girls that were older than us – which was exciting. Then when I got in the car my date looked through the window from outside and started screaming. It took me several seconds of confusion before I realized I had slammed her fingers in the door. I could see her fingernails through the top of the frame, and the door was all the way shut! The rest of the date she just sat there pouting.

  2. andreasen38 on

    This guy I liked in high school actually started talking to me one day and I started giggling from nervousness and couldn’t stop. He just stared at me for a minute and then walked off. Never talked to me again!

  3. detmerdog1 on

    I was on a blind date in high school with a girl from a neighboring town. We went with some of her friends to toilet paper a teacher’s home. As we approached the house, the guy was in the dark and starting throwing rocks or something at us. In shock, I got caught between saying “fetch” and “suck” and exclaimed the “F” word (totally uncharacteristic for me!). Bad first impression for me!

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