Embaressing Pot Bust

how do talk to my doctor about medicinal marijuana?
September 13, 2010
Did american indians smoke tobacco or marijuana?
September 13, 2010
TheMooseful asked:

Funny Marijuana bust. 82 year old robbed. For this and my other news stories, visit themoosefulnews.co.nr Subscribe if you like it.


  1. Megirl4evr says:

    hahahaha Michael i lov you xPPP

  2. TheMooseful says:

    I know but it was easier this way.

  3. CsanadTheGeek says:

    you dont have to refilm the whole thing

  4. hatman900 says:

    I wish my great grandmother bit the guy who robbed her house.

  5. RealKatakos says:

    that was so funny