Drug bust – over 2 tons of marijuana and $8 million worth of other drugs


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LEMMlNGSmaster asked:

Drug dealers carry on a speed boat over 2 tons of marijuana and other drugs that in total are worth over 8 million dollars.

25 comments on “Drug bust – over 2 tons of marijuana and $8 million worth of other drugs

  1. NorStarReviews on

    haha running that jet, and deploying all those coast gaurd, and DEA agents was probably over 8mill. Crazy guys

  2. whyhatestrangers on

    @Rtrolo oh you’re dutch? oh okay never mind, your people are too stupid to know how to set off a nuke anyway, so i shouldn’t have gotten offended. if you knew even a handful of americans you would know that most of us don’t agree with the drug laws here. but you are too filled with hate to care.

  3. Rtrolo on

    @whyhatestrangers Lol and lol and another lol. and No you will not be able to smoke me under the table are you americans morons? our dutch weed rulls the fucking world we have fucking much thc in it no where in the world its as strong as here.. so please walk away with your crap talk.

    nuke america for the fucking drugs war.
    nuke america for all there fucking wars.

  4. whyhatestrangers on

    @RijenRijen fuck you dude, i would smoke you under the table anyday. i know you were just speaking your mind and i don’t have anything against you, bu you still deserve a “fuck you” for wishing a nuke on me just because there are some idiots in the country who bust pot smugglers. don’t forget that there are as many different types of people who were born in america as anywhere else and not all of us are as lame as the coast gaurd (who was just doing their job).

  5. RijenRijen on

    marijuana and other drugs nah… only weed and fuck america for hunting this.
    really i hope america get a nuclair shot on them so that the lose all ther grip.
    fucking shit country

  6. Weslo2 on

    @sstanfield100 the can still bust them for some things
    but not drug trafficking if all the drugs are burnt, a.k.a the evidence to prove they were running drugs is destroyed

  7. sstanfield100 on

    ok cant they bust them… i normally dont set my boat on fire when the coastgaurd pulls me over…

  8. slowbus on

    @albertkc2007 worst idea ever. give already trigger happy/power tripping/abusive law enforcement another reason to oppress us even further and do some stupid bullshit..NOT

  9. Dwaynesname25 on

    well tell them to keep it comin..my eyes watered with tears when i new precious weed plants were burning

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