Double Ashcatcher Bong Toke On A Rock #2

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September 10, 2010
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September 10, 2010
rasta4twenty asked:

big double diffused ashcatcher toke, the water is brown cause it sediment from the River.


  1. rasta4twenty says:

    @x0xTANKx0x I used to call her Betty, I’ve since given this bong to a friend in need. This is actually a clone of a bong I had before, it was the exact same bong just a lil different. My cat decided to push it off the kitchen table one night, so I bought this one; Betty.

  2. LegalizeTheGr33n says:

    @ruffino23 hell ya thats true stoner shit

  3. thorcraft says:

    makes me wish i had a cabin to go to and just smoke in peace out doors

  4. maxgreenlvr says:

    dude that was aMazIng

  5. voltes666 says:

    holly shit dude nice spot and nice bong

  6. F3RNY420 says:

    SICK SON…wish we lived near a big lake,but instaed we have beaches lol…
    sick hits thou…

  7. godjesusmoses says:

    damn thats the chillest spot to smoke

  8. craig9774530 says:

    awesome place to smoke bongs

  9. Alcatraz105 says:

    Great video! thats the was blazin should be.

  10. SmooveLikeButter10 says:

    I got a triple aschatcher triple perc. i call it the

  11. 420WeedAk47 says:

    dam i thought ur perk was guna break when u pulled the slide out but i gess it was conected

  12. zleopard91 says:

    hell yea. that spot is legit. Great video man..and nice piece!

  13. sigfredo1234 says:

    dude that my lighter!

  14. 21silent12 says:

    damn i love outside bong toking areas. i go up on my roof at night time and trip out to the stars. nice fucking bong dude, keep toking.:)

  15. KOK12345678 says:

    That’s a great chill-spot, no doubt. Wish I had myself one like that. Keep blazin’

  16. mewmaster151 says:

    hmm:/ that spot look smore suited for a chillum hit

  17. mellowfellow429 says:

    nice piece. totally awesome scenery, as well.

    music fits it

    5stars 😀

  18. ilikeboo27 says:

    nice spot, chillin’

  19. chicken090617 says:

    best smoking video ive seen so far.
    nice hit/snap. but clean that H20 son

  20. chiliroxout567 says:

    Gotta love smoking by the water 🙂 I always feel so at peace with the world when I’m at my water spot 🙂 only time i enjoy smoking alone rather than with a bunch of pals

  21. frettiss420 says:

    nice and peaceful.

  22. MrOldnhorny says:

    canadian camping?

  23. Mitchdj11 says:

    such a sick place to smoke

  24. CharlesL33 says:

    @matthulett hahahahahahahaah!!!!! soooo true.

  25. mason210 says:

    hahahhaha brilliant