Double Ashcatcher Bong Toke On A Rock #2


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rasta4twenty asked:

big double diffused ashcatcher toke, the water is brown cause it sediment from the River.

25 comments on “Double Ashcatcher Bong Toke On A Rock #2

  1. rasta4twenty on

    @x0xTANKx0x I used to call her Betty, I’ve since given this bong to a friend in need. This is actually a clone of a bong I had before, it was the exact same bong just a lil different. My cat decided to push it off the kitchen table one night, so I bought this one; Betty.

  2. 21silent12 on

    damn i love outside bong toking areas. i go up on my roof at night time and trip out to the stars. nice fucking bong dude, keep toking.:)

  3. chiliroxout567 on

    Gotta love smoking by the water 🙂 I always feel so at peace with the world when I’m at my water spot 🙂 only time i enjoy smoking alone rather than with a bunch of pals

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