DEA Raid on Emmalyn’s California Cannabis Clinic in San Francisco

SW Portland Marijuana Bust
September 30, 2010
Police Raid Medical Marijuana Protest Organizer
September 30, 2010
CannabisClubNetwork asked:

Raw footage of DEA Raid on Medical Marijuana Dispensary in San Francisco, California on March 25, 2009.


  1. ploud2000 says:


  2. Potandthekettle says:

    @HearingEveryRhyme Armornone = TROLL

  3. HearingEveryRhyme says:

    @HearingEveryRhyme Armor, I’d like to debate this in messages, but you don’t even seem to have a channel as if you are on super paranoid privacy settings lol. That way you can send me links to studies and I can send you links and we can discuss this in a manner in which we are not restrainted by a letter limit. 🙂

  4. HearingEveryRhyme says:

    @Armornone Since when does legality define morality? Laws have stated that blacks and american natives are 3/4’s human, that being Jewish is a crime against the state, and that reading collectivist literature is treason. Utah was polled as that last year, now it is Hawaii, and trust me, there is a lot of alcohol and weed there. Send me the link to where they clearly determined the happiness rate was high in utah because of a lack of intoxicants. The USA forced other nations into this “War”.

  5. Armornone says:

    @coreyah23 you are the faggot

  6. Armornone says:

    @HearingEveryRhyme The information I have read shows Utah as one of the happiest states. Whereas Detroit ( where drugs are in abundance) as one of the unhappiest places. Marijuana is also illegal in most civilized countries across the globe. So its not just an American thing, but a global war against drugs.

  7. Armornone says:

    @HearingEveryRhyme I don’t know what you are so stressed out about but I can tell you what you should be stressed about. Your drug dealer shooting you dead and stealing the money in your wallet and car. Buying drugs from an undercover DEA agent who will throw you ass in jail and your life being destroyed. You will have a prison record, probably get raped and/or killed in prison. I hope you realize you are risking your life and prison time for this drug addiction.

  8. HearingEveryRhyme says:

    @Armornone read my other post too, but Utah is now not ranked the happiest state btw, get your facts right. Trust me, there are weed smokers in Utah, it is a global phenomenon. From the Himalayas to Morocco, there is cannabis consumption.

  9. HearingEveryRhyme says:

    @Armornone What I am saying is that a balance can always be struck. You over process coca, you get cocaine. You eat a moderate amount of the raw leaf, you combat altitude sickness. You take opiates recreationally, you risk death, you take them to ease terminal pain, its different. Before I had ever smoked marijuana, I was an anxious mess. I went through anti depressants, anxiety meds, therapy etc, and I found low marijuana use helped me. When yoga won’t help my anxiety, I light up.

  10. Armornone says:

    @HearingEveryRhyme Oh, i see. Its opposite day. Doing drugs will not destroy your life, if your don’t do drugs, then it will destroy your life by your logic. If you don’t do drugs, you will end up Gay and have phobias? So you will turn into Ru Paul or Howard Hughes unless you can be fixed by smoking marijuana. Do you really expect people to believe that? Do you know the state that ranks as the most happy people? Utah, do you know what state does not have any drugs( or even alcohol)? Utah.

  11. HearingEveryRhyme says:

    @Armornone You fail to address any of my points. First off, I never use the plant argument. Both the coca leaf and poppies are used for medical purposes. Ever been hiking in Peru, because if you have, then you’d probably know about the altitude sickness, it sucks. What the natives do is chew some coca leaf before going about their business and they don’t get sick.

    What about alcohol? If people don’t have means to release stress, they will destroy their lives with GAD and phobias.

  12. Armornone says:

    @HearingEveryRhyme You can find a thousand studies that said that Global Warming is real and thousands of studies that say Global warming is a Hoax.

    You need to get over this ” plant’ thing. Cocaine and heroine are also from plants, so are deadly poisons. People are use drugs are social degenerates who end up on the street, in prison or jail. Our society does not need mind altering drugs destroying people’s lives. So many people have destroyed their life because of drugs heroine and marijuana

  13. HearingEveryRhyme says:

    @Armornone Read my previous comment, but you realize that the legality does not define morality. There is nothing with marijuana when taken in moderation in a safe environment, its safer than alcohol. I discredited your favorite study, and I provided 2, I want some evidence as to why it should be illegal, or even why it is bad.
    So what if someone can abuse it, you can abuse cheeseburgers to, that doesn’t mean we go around closing Burger King!
    -Joe Rogan from The Union (watch it)

  14. Armornone says:

    @Blunted206 Because only potthead look at marijuana videos. America highly oppose it.

    Same reason Won Paul won all internet polls but lost all actual polls done in person.

  15. HearingEveryRhyme says:

    @Armornone Zhangs study of HU210 is a good one. Also there is a study in The Journal of Clinical Investigation by Velasco of Computense that shows it encourages autophagy of developing brain tumor cells. It also encourages autophagy of aging lung cells. Nice ad hominem btw. You’re stance is that marijuana is bad, so you have to prove it. It has never been proven to be more dangerous than alcohol or masturbation. I am not psychologically addicted to MJ btw, I have gone w/o it for 10 months.

  16. Armornone says:

    @HearingEveryRhyme Sorry Hippie, the answer is No! My position is mainstream America, you are the fringe freak trying to change the law. You need to SHOW ME THE STUDY that said that Marijuana is good for you. I owe you nothing drug addict. You are the one that need to show me the proof to justify your point.

  17. HearingEveryRhyme says:

    @Armornone Are you referring to the infamous Heath/Tulane 74 study? If so, then I hope you know that the government used it as propaganda but refused to release Heath’s methods. Instead of administering 30 joints a day throughout a year, he pumped the smoke of 63 Colombian strength joints through a sealed gas mask without additional oxygen in less than 5 minutes for three months. When you suffocate any mammal, the first cells to go are brain cells. Learn your facts, show me a credible study.

  18. Blunted206 says:

    @Armornone Maybe you haven’t noticed but EVERY high-rated comment on any marijuana related vid on youtube has a positive comment about it………ya your right and everyone is wrong :p

  19. FATPACO1 says:

    @HearingEveryRhyme WELL SAID

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  21. Armornone says:

    @Blunted206 The medical journals and medical associations confirm that it has no medical purpose. Animals exposed to Marijuana died as a result of it. This stuff will destroy your live. Do you want to go to jail because you can’t stop your drug addiction?

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  23. rspk25 says:

    @Armornone Just don’t even bother replying. I won’t read it. I’m tired of arguing with people that cannot read worth a shit.

  24. rspk25 says:

    @Armornone You’re still not reading you pathetic fucking idiot. I DO NOT FUCKING CARE WHAT TYPE OF DRUG IT IS, WHAT SCHEDULE IT IS, WHAT THE FUCKING GOVERMENT THINKS, DO YOU GET THE FUCKING POINT YOU BLIND IDIOT? IT CAN BE USED MEDICALLY… Jesus christ are you fucking imbred?

  25. Armornone says:

    @rspk25 It helps you make up excuses to do an illegal drug which would have gotten your ass throw in prison. The Medical associations and the federal government say that it has no medical purpose.

    Schedule 1 means no medical purpose. Get with the program asshole.