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Maine Marijuana Bust Sept 23 2009 follow-up 3
October 2, 2010
Marijuana Bust
October 3, 2010
dyavorshnik asked:

the best fucking video you have ever seen.


  1. FinancialProdigy202 says:

    Your mom jokes are almost as sad as your sex life, but we have already established that your sex life is, clearly, more sad. Erected walrus penis’s slap you gently across your cock infested face. xD

  2. dyavorshnik says:

    hey i heard you the first time dip shit
    just cause you fuck men over rainbows dosent mean i cant be happy boning your mother.

  3. FinancialProdigy202 says:

    Like i said, thats a very sad sex life…

  4. dyavorshnik says:

    i lost 5 pounds fucking your mother last night

  5. FinancialProdigy202 says:

    that’s almost as sad as your sex life.

  6. coolguy02536 says:

    WHAT THE HELL! I don’t even remember posting that comment! For real, i’m gonna flip if ANOTHER person is hacking my account! ??? no way, smantha did, but that’s becuase she didn’t have her own….stupid animal crossing…although i do remember watching this vid., indeed a long time ago! …hmm i’m dumbfounded.

  7. dyavorshnik says:

    hey fuck you buddy

    dont hate the player hate the game