Cops vs. crowd at New Hampshire marijuana bust

Operation Green Reaper Marijuana Bust KING 5 [April 2008]
September 17, 2010
Ready – Set – Grow (High Times Marijuana Growing) 1/5
September 17, 2010
RidleyReport asked:

Nashua New Hamsphire: 420 marijuana celebration ends in 3 arrests as undercover bust triggers crowd fury. Second upload. Raw tape. Much more to follow. How you can buy an ad marijuana pot bust ron paul angry crowd ridleyreport angry mob heckles police new hampshire staters liberty free state project freedom nh marijuana caught on tape dave ridley report liberty cannabis culture barry cooper live free or die marc emery libertarian. marijuana ron paul free state project barry cooper marc emery libertarian 420 celebration nashua new hampshire police cops


  1. buzwazfuz says:

    these people are the rosa parks and martin luther king of cannabis legalization

  2. bafw26 says:

    Most pigs have forgotten the fact they are public servants. Most will trample all over your constitutional rights. They are rude, arrogant, corrupt, oftentimes mentally unstable thugs and bullies. Revolution is coming and I know the pigs will side with the government. They will be the first ones to try to take our guns away. In case any pigs are reading this, most average middle class people are really starting to hate you. 80 million gun owners. Think about you fucks.

  3. peter803450 says:

    numnum and ndn need to shut up. You guys dont understand that pharmaceuticals, heroin and meth are runing our country right now. Some of the most violent gangs of our past do not make a mark on what the hispanic gangs are doing to our country. As long as kids are not taught what drugs are and what they do they will continue to associate pot with meth which is not ok. I was an MP and my uncle was a chief of police. He and i agree on one thing for sure. Marijuana is harmless and a waste of time!!!

  4. numnum300 says:

    you all are stupid fucks you have no idea how police officers work. grow the fuck up children.

  5. sniper71267 says:

    If you have less than 7 grams on you dont tell them its pot. If their lab cant prove its pot and have some left for trial you get off. if you tell them its pot they do not have to test it and just use your statement. If you tell them its cigs they have to test it and their wont be any Left for trial if you had less than 7 grams so the charges will be dismissed. It works very well.

  6. NDNPolice says:

    @DrPsilocybin You need therapy

  7. DrPsilocybin says:


    You dont care because you know im right and that your wrong.

    You know that my views are logical while your just a insecure, brain dead prick running around hiding behind a badge.

    You have no argument against what im saying because you know im right.

    Your the fucking pathetic moron with no capability to reason.

  8. NDNPolice says:

    @DrPsilocybin It’s obvious you’re a moron kid. Find a job and stop complaining. Noone cares about anything you have to say.

  9. DrPsilocybin says:


    You have no arguement against this do you?

    You dont because a logical argument for prohibition doesn’t exist, and maybe you’ve finally come to realize that.

    Im tired of fucking ignorant little shits like you, I hope natural selection kills you, or better yet I hope a real criminal kills you, maybe like a gang member from a gang that was created directly by prohibition.

    O ya, your to much of a pussy to go after real criminals, you only arrest harmless citizens, fucking bitch.

  10. DrPsilocybin says:


    Your not interested in my opinion because im correct, my statements are filled with logic while the only bullshit you can spew out is what a typical brain dead pig would say.

    I understand why you like prohibition, If prohibition ended you would have to go after people that effect others negatively, (unlike drug users) and those people tend to be violent.

    Your a insecure pussy who can only go after harmless people then stop real criminals, face it you would be out of a job.

  11. DrPsilocybin says:


    Answer me this you fucking pig, should a person with a drug problem be treated as a criminal and put in prison where he sucks up tax money?

    The answer is obvious, and you know prohibition is wrong, you know there is no logic in prohibiting a substance because it doesn’t stop availability or use of it, it just creates a black market, gangs, and floods are prisons with harmless citizens.

    Drugs exist with or without prohibition, so why wouldn’t you legally regulate them?

  12. DrPsilocybin says:


    Yes, facts and logical reasoning is all ive been speaking of.

    Ive seen the damage addiction can do to people, but guess what?

    That person made that choice to become addicted, and even if a drug can cause damage to a single persons body, that does not mean you can prohibit it and start a war on people that use them.

    Prohibition does more damage then any drug ever could, it causes EXTREME harm to society as a whole while one person using drugs doesnt effect ANYONE but himself.

  13. NDNPolice says:

    @DrPsilocybin When you see what i’ve seen as a result of addiction, you won’t be thinking the same thoughts. Your theories are absolutely incorrect. I understand you wont accept what im saying…this is typical. Mostly because you aren’t exposed to the things we are exposed to regularly. Don’t bother responding with fabricated arguments. Im not interested in your opinion. Facts and circumstances are all that matter in peoples lives. Remember that.

  14. NDNPolice says:

    @DrPsilocybin Ok, cite it. Which amendment, law, statute, code or otherwise supports your statement?

  15. NDNPolice says:

    @DrPsilocybin mhm ok

  16. DrPsilocybin says:


    You cannot control what a human wants to put in his body by means of incarceration and war.

    And if you think that you can than your a fucking psychotic moron.

    Prohibition doesn’t stop drug use or availability, it just creates a black market for it, which would you rather have, gangs overrunning neighborhoods, or harmless drug users that don’t effect anyone in a negative way in less they CHOOSE to?

    And if they do that choice doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with the drugs they use.

  17. DrPsilocybin says:


    Madness and lunacy is putting people in prison for doing things that effect no one else other then themselves, thats unacceptable as the costs of incarceration and prosecution of victimless criminals cost trillions.

    Again If someone commits a crime or fucks up there life, its 100% there fault, it has absolutely nothing to do with what they put in there body, this includes drugs like opiates.

    You’ve got some MAJOR maturing and all around mental progressing to do.

  18. DrPsilocybin says:


    Just because some people DECIDE to ruin there life with poor choices and wrongful actions, does not mean everyone who uses that same drug will CHOOSE the same choices and/or have a negative impact on there life.

    If someone cannot raise a child correctly and there a low life piece of shit, blame those people, not a drug.

    Drugs are just a scapegoat, a simple excuse as to why some people’s lives are complete failures.

  19. NDNPolice says:

    @DrPsilocybin Sing that song to the kid who’s parents are strung out on heroin because the drug took hold of them so much they decided getting high was more important than the well being of their child. You’ve got some growing up to do bud. The world is not a friendly place sometimes. Children, as well as citizens shouldn’t be forced to be subject to that sort of madness. It’s simply unacceptable.

  20. NDNPolice says:

    @DrPsilocybin Yes, everything you’ve said here is ridiculous.

  21. DrPsilocybin says:


    It was crazy to think that the US would take such a fascist ideal that would control a humans right to decide what they want to put in there body through legislation.

    They barely even thought about it because they thought it would never happen, prohibition would be insanity to them and they never thought that this nation would steep to such a low level of stupid.

    Prohibition is insanity.

  22. DrPsilocybin says:


    And yes its a right to maintain your own body and that legislation will not control one’s choice on what they do or do not ingest, this right has been amended over time by corrupt, tyrants.

    Theres many quotes from are founding fathers who wrote the constitution saying this.

    The idea of prohibition was inconceivable at that time, they barely even bothered thinking that America citizens would be so easily indoctrinated into believing a policy such as prohibition.

  23. DrPsilocybin says:


    Actually its not ridiculous, its unfortunately true.

    Tell me, Im a rapist, killer, racist, thief, and a sadistic asshole, I have absolutely no criminal record and no documents to say I have a mental illness, am I qualified to attempt to join police academy and become a cop if I pass?

    Yes I absolutely am.

    Your LEO scum yourself, you should know this, and know the fact that your practically immune from the laws, as you can lie your way out of any crime.

    You can’t deny that.

  24. NDNPolice says:

    @DrPsilocybin Everything you’ve said here is absolutely ridiculous and entirely untrue.

  25. NDNPolice says:

    @DrPsilocybin ‘In the constitution it actually states that grown adults have the choice to put whatever they want in there body’

    Really? I’d like to see where it says that. I’ve read the constitution and i consult it along with other legal documents regularly and I’ve never seen that portion of the document. Hmm, I must’ve missed it huh.