cop caught on tape giving two women body cavity search.


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cop caught on tape giving two women body cavity search.Female US cop caught on tape giving two women body cavity search during routine traffic stop… and ‘using the SAME gloves on both’ Angel Dobbs, 38, and niec…

48 comments on “cop caught on tape giving two women body cavity search.

  1. Blzej23 on

    Idc if you all think that ima wanna be tough key board warrior or w.e, but I swear on my life, no cop would do this to me for a fuckin cigarette. I would’ve went to jail for whoopin a cops ass. This is harassment

  2. kaitlyn page on

    That is so weird why do they do that that osnt even real the real importat question os why dovthey let them dovthat

  3. Marco Stud on

    Wow!! 1st girl got a 3 sec VJayJay check… 2nd girl it a good twirl!!! Maybe cop felt something suspicious in there??  I agree, assuming she used the same gloves.. that was NASTY!!

  4. Yeah Oyes on

    THIS MOTHER FUCKING SHIT GETS ME RILED UP. I feel like going to roast some pigs tonight. These two to be exact. WHO THE FUCK IS WITH ME?!

  5. xscarface92x on

    yes she used the same gloves, she touched the butt first before the vagina, and we all know thats a no no! she made sure to bring them in front of the camera, i would say lawsuits for sure!

  6. RealBigPair on

    Why exactly would u have heard of it? You wouldnt have heard of this incident if it werent for the internet and youtube. Cops have been violating the law and their position as law enforcement for as long as they have existed! Also, where exactly are judges signing warrants approving body cavity searches on the side of the road? There not u should keep ur uneducated opinion to urself.

  7. GjVj on

    Exactly what the fat dyke in the uniform signed up for. In the uncut version you can see her smell her fingers afterwards…

  8. glickyglue on

    1) learn how to spell.
    2) lose the fucking all caps. It is really obnoxious for the rest of us.

  9. ImVirsatile on

    Nasty as hell. She didn’t change gloves or anything. Lol unsanitary plus more but it won’t change anything. This is YouTube.

  10. glickyglue on

    Not only did she use the same glove (we presume) on both women, but you NEVER go in the butt, then take whatever is from the butt and transfer it to the kooch. That is so wrong.

  11. Mark Ukkerd on

    Sir, why is it that you think that your mother, sister, wife and daughter should be anally and vaginally probed in an exploratory way by the police? I can’t imagine that you’re really that deranged. Are you so deranged that you actually think that your loved ones should be treated that way? If you do believe that what happened in the video should happen to your loved ones then the Forces of Evil must have taken over your mind and turned you into a real monster who is much worse than any zombie.

  12. dittybaby04 on

    The officer should be fired. That’s carrying the job too far.Why couldn’t she take them in and inpound the car. I think the cop was getting her freak on while on the job.

  13. Mark Ukkerd on

    harithacats, that police officer was not a lesbian. That police office is a rapist because that police officer used her hand to anally and vaginally rape a slave. We are just slaves and the police are dictator and rapist. The rapist is above the law because the rapist is the law. We are living in hell on earth. This video is the gospel truth that we are living in hell on earth.

  14. QuiksiIver on

    This is the New America. Your uniformed masters need no such permission to search mere slaves.

  15. Holli Echols on

    My god. At least check the chicks cooch first. Not they got butt stank in their cooters. Fucking eeeeeewwwww. Unsanitary. That cop was catchin a feel hella bad. Fucking ridiculous

  16. liam moran on

    you’re a f**king retard, how does the tax payer, paying for jail time for every ‘drug’ taker help? you clearly have no experience of drug addicts, more to the point marijuana is sill classed as a drug and seeing how 2 out of 3 brits and 8 out of 10 americans under the age of 20 have used or regularly use it you have a f**king hard time doing it, go back to sleep child.

  17. sutherbeauty22 on

    Our 4th Amendment Right Protects us from illegal search and seizure, just like this situation here. U have every right to say no and not consent to what the officer wants. If the want to search ur car, they don’t have that right so u don’t have to consent to that. These guys in these video went way to far and did things they had no right to do. That is why they r in trouble.

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