Come 2 Jamaica 4 ONE LOVE & police state of emergency !

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September 17, 2010
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September 17, 2010
ReidBaer asked:

Come 2 Jamaica 4 ONE LOVE & POLICE STATE OF EMERGENCY after shooting and firebomb attacks on police stations by supporters of a violent drug lord. Two policeman have been killed. The US state department issued a travel warning to tourists. Complete story here: – – btw, this is NOT Bob Marley or copyrighted music.


  1. TaxTeaParty says:




  2. DRAGONBALL74 says:

    lmfao reid thumbs up

  3. TERRORBLESS says:

    yall meet to follow and stand up to your government and stp trping im born JAMAICAN and proud so please dnt dnt cme here we dnt need weakling in our country of warriors….

  4. madzane94 says:

    LoL this isn’t funny.. GO TO MONTEGO BAY AND the NORTH COAST..

  5. ReligiousReidBaer says:

    @GuyJAmericanPrincess – it’s terrible!

  6. GuyJAmericanPrincess says:

    what has jamaica come to

  7. romero0713 says:

    What a set of hypocrites!!! Are you all trying to say your countriy have NO issues with security? With a population of 2.7 Million are you really gonna use the actions of some to make judgement on a whole country? Instead of you using this pathetic excuse of a video to stereotype a nation, try doing some research of your own before making your own conclusions. Use common sense ppl but then again… common sense isnt all that common is it.

  8. ReidBaer says:

    @mosquewatcher – lol – hahahahaha – really … whew !

  9. ReidBaer says:

    @Auggie56 – hahahahaha – I love it – *cough*

  10. ReidBaer says:

    @blinko656 – I humbly thank you!


  11. ReidBaer says:

    @NoRINO212 – well reasoned!



  12. NoRINO212 says:

    Seems to me that most of the lesser develop countries always have security, law and order problems that get in their way of being a more advanced nation, is it because of their culture and tradition valves are not measured up to the 21st Century standard as in the case of Mexico.

  13. blinko656 says:

    Too funny, I like the cough at the end – good editing. How pathetic..

  14. Auggie56 says:

    Come to Jamaca Mon ! A Reaba Reaba !

  15. blt40 says:

    @ReidBaer you know it

  16. mosquewatcher says:

    Coming to America soon…….

  17. ReidBaer says:

    @blt40 – bring your largest weapon with you.

  18. blt40 says:

    will be sure to book my tickets today.

  19. ReidBaer says:

    @blt40 – thnx.

  20. ReidBaer says:

    @FamousDave2186 – sad, ain’t it.

    – Reid

  21. FamousDave2186 says:

    Kinda got to wonder if that’s what Bob Marley meant on One Love.