Coast Guard Marijuana Bust

Is it legal to grow Marijuana for sale in Mendocino County California, while elsewhere you would be arrested?
September 29, 2010
How can I tell if I’m growing kush, chronic, or stress of weed (marijuana)?
September 29, 2010
USCGImagery asked:

Coast Guard crews discover and remove marijuana plants growing near a highway.


  1. Mrhashslinginslasher says:

    Dreamboat Annie

  2. Indutrial321 says:

    This country needs to start doing with dope dealers the way that china and Singapore does, either that or make the prisons just like the real prisons in other countries

  3. Dxstroia says:


  4. kdm2r4 says:

    I’ll second that

  5. MethLabMedia says:

    basterds! what did the wonderful cronic do to you!

  6. OinkFanMayne says:

    They were referring to the pots that the weed was in…

  7. Rockynurse says:

    Nice job! Too bad your tax dollars are being spent fighting a drug war you will not win! Too bad the profits from this plant are going to criminals allowing them to buy bigger guns and control more territory!


  8. craggers2k8 says:

    bet there pockets are full lol

  9. SamtheMan0728 says:

    I like how they call the pot plants pot(s) for plural! Lol

  10. cooleyoftx says:

    Good job coast guards. Ya’ll do the hard work so the government can secretely take the weed and make $ off of it.

  11. alexkleno5 says:

    go uscg semper paratus

  12. icehockey247 says:

    keep up the good work.

  13. dustyC420 says:

    how about securing our ports? Thoroughly inspecting container ships?

  14. GanjaMonsters420 says:

    Deaths per year resulting from alcohol: 100,000
    · Deaths per year resulting from tobacc:430,000
    · Deaths per year resulting from aspirin: 180- 1000
    · Deaths per year resulting from legal drugs: 106,000
    · Deaths that have ever occurred from Cannabis: 0 (that’s right zero)

  15. dxbsniper169 says:

    do you get to keep the pot that you find?

  16. casams1992 says:

    You should reenlist my friend its a great life.. and maybe something like this will happen

  17. emotiondetector7 says:

    Ok….I spent six (INCREDIBLE) years in the Guard. Got out 2 years ago (my only regret in life), and NEVER saw anything like this. Lol
    A moment like this is precisely what I needed two years ago when I had to decide whether or not to reenlist. Lol

  18. shambayati195 says:

    how did u get the boat on land to load it

  19. wonderglory says:

    Nice job, Coasties!!

  20. sk8er988990 says:

    hell yea. i will be with coast guard in 8 months

  21. sneakychalupa says:

    hoo rah! SEMPER PARATUS!! (always ready for you non fluent in latin)
    67 days till i join!!
    Coast Guard please call 850 932 7193 thanks

  22. vladimirpalefire says:

    Semper Paratus guys! Keep it up. I burst out laughing when I saw that boatload full of pot! I just find it kinda funny. From a far you couldn’t tell it’s marijuana, so it looks like they’re haulin’ a plant nursery around.

  23. permalink says:

    semper paratus!

  24. permalink says:

    keep it up guys . all the drugs must dissappear from the world !!!