do you think medicinal marijuana will ever be legal in GA? SERIOUS ANS ONLY PLEASE?
September 24, 2010
Ready – Set – Grow High Times Marijuana Growing Part 5 Of 5
September 24, 2010
theillblog asked:


  1. YoungBreezyDLBR2 says:

    @MrAtifz Lmao!

  2. zzztubazzz says:

    you r right fucking bicth mother fucker white trash

  3. Thraxsmoka420 says:

    damn she is retarded that small cola she was holding probally wasn’t even a ounce dry haha.

  4. LetArtsLive says:

    that was ignorant to grow there

  5. MrAtifz says:

    bet that bitch smoked that bud after the cameras went off .

  6. intheheat420 says:

    @joalwray LOL totally agree LOL what a dumb bitch. PROPAGANDA!

  7. 12ichingo12 says:

    danm i want some who agrees?

  8. coolaidjohnny says:

    snitches get hit

  9. xboxmime says:

    whoever valued that weed was prolly the buisness hippie from harod and kumar go to white castle….

  10. nevetszenitram1990 says:

    8 thousand plants busted here in tierra amarilla THIS AINT SHIT!!!

  11. joalwray says:

    hahahah dumb bitch, a thousand a pound , not a thousand a cola

  12. ContactHigh45 says:

    a thousand dollars for that shity lil cola HA! retarded bitch

  13. zeroflash1 says:

    yea they found irrigation pipes in the wood, if i saw those id mind my own fuckin busniss, and thats the most expensive half oz iv ever seen

  14. FopeDarmer says:

    0:20 that is not 1000 dolars worth of weed