911 phone call


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morris2112 asked:

a police officer confiscated some pot and decided to take some home. His wife made brownies and they got a little too baked. This is the 911 call the officer made, and needless to say he is now unemployed.

7 comments on “911 phone call

  1. moopig979 on

    wow thats just so funny…’i think were dead, time is going by realy slowly’
    whats the score in the red wings game’ lol

  2. tsubasahawkeye on

    Dude, that was a real call. I saw it on TV. The one making the call was an off-duty cop who stole pot from a crime scene.

  3. winchestersgirl on

    is that 4 real? it is so immature and dangerous to make fake emerency calls, someone cudda died coz that guy wanted a laugh

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