700 lb Marijuana bust

when growing marijuana do males smell skunky about a month into growth?
September 29, 2010
**was he thinking of or referring to marijuana?**?
September 29, 2010
farmgrade asked:

GateHouse News Service Posted May 15, 2008 @ 03:47 AM TAUNTON — More than 700 pounds of pot, with a street value estimated at between $750000 to $1 million, was seized Tuesday night in the parking lot of BJ’s Wholesale Club on Bay Street. One man was arrested and 23 tightly-sealed bundles of marijuana were confiscated from a tractor trailer that had pulled into and parked in the Northwoods Crossing plaza near Interstate 495, authorities said. “It’s a very significant seizure,” Taunton Police Chief Raymond O’Berg said Wednesday. The bust was the result of a cooperative effort of local police, agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration’s New Bedford Resident Office and other agencies, O’Berg said. Curtis Ray Fields, 23, of 49025 North 26th Ave., Phoenix, Ariz., was charged with trafficking marijuana and resisting arrest. Police said Fields initially tried getting away by running down Bay Street, but he tripped and fell. O’Berg said the bust is part of an ongoing drug distribution investigation by the DEA and local law enforcement agencies. He also said to his knowledge it ranks as the largest marijuana seizure on record in the city. O’Berg said an anonymous tip provided authorities information leading to the arrest and seizure. The police report states that shortly after 10:30 pm Tuesday a maroon truck with Rhode Island plates and pulling a white container trailer drove into the parking lot of BJ’s Wholesale Club, which had already closed for the night. A male, later


  1. munkypoo91 says:

    damn if i had a hard time lifting up my weed i would have tears of joy streaming down my face

  2. gavbag1234 says:


    Judging from the mugshot, it looks like the poor motherfucker growing was almost killed.

  3. Drake8604 says:

    The thing is, if that is really pot, the only way you could kill someone with it would be to beat them on the head with those bags until they died from a massive concussion. Even if you forced someone to smoke an entire bag of that pot within an hour (if that would even be possible), they still would not die. Now, if they had seized bootleg alcohol and someone was forced to drink it, they would die very quickly, yet knowing that, alcohol is legal and pot is illegal? Something is wrong here…

  4. smooth7414 says:

    he sed no comment to many times i think ders some weed missin o money

  5. zombiegangstasamurai says:

    but even pot sellers are pretty chill , they dont want to kill anyone

  6. kewlaznguyxD says:

    well i gotta say arent you smokin good police officer.

  7. AJsfree2toke says:

    Wow good job “DEA”. You are really “stoping” the drugs on the streets…. NOT..

    Also..I can tell that this is fake.

  8. smokeadutchaday says:

    good, allows me to make MORE money growing pot. keep raiding DEA, thank you.

  9. dboisrockin says:

    This is stupidity on the cops side saying, “the last thing we want to see is somebody get killed.” with 700 pounds of marijuana taken off the streets, the price of the product must have shot up tremendously. So more people want to be in possesion with what is left, leading the things such as burglary and murder, not the cause of a plant but the cause of greed.

  10. MrSoultaker1989 says:

    Fuck fuck fuck the Police… they will NEVER EVEr get rid of the weed.. haha the faster they take it the more gos out.. like i said THEY WILL NEVER get rid of marijuana i smoke every day. haha ha we should find wear police live like i did haha and here come oct 31 gonna egg them

  11. olliethc1 says:

    Liar liar pants on fire, wot a horrible man i bet he touches kids.. That poor gingrar was just transporting one of natures treats and the yanky pigs kicked the fuck out of him!!!

  12. Haole37 says:

    fuck the police!

  13. PuddingPatties says:

    i think it is against the constitution to make weed illegal.. who says i cant grow a plant? its not so much the land of the free when i cant grow a plant in my backyard!!!

  14. ndc18 says:

    @lamsonmusic I agree 1000%. All America is doing is giving criminals power.

  15. zurabok says:

    poor kid got fucked up pretty bad by cops… but noone talks bout that !

  16. moondy11 says:

    no comment?

    then why the fuck are you in PR?

  17. ShadowedWolfPuppy says:

    Really we are wasting money on this when we could be using it for better things like BP’s royal fuck up

  18. hulklogan369 says:

    Shwagg for sure lol

  19. JMar119 says:

    it probably took them like 2 years of collecting evidence to bust him, but the stupid thing is that they are wasting their time and money when all you have to do is just some plant more
    lol idiots…

  20. MsLuisguillen says:

    Any cop thats reading this can g fuck yourself you fuckinng punk… come on its not like your gonna stop people from selling and growing weed. haha its just funny how you think this kind of behavior is gonna stop.. hahahahahahhahah

  21. XxXxdyedsoulxXxX says:

    i wish i could jump inside my computer screen just teleport into the evidence room pick up the bags individualy throw them back into my room, jump back into my room and enjoy a life time supply of good old ganja XD oh god i wish

  22. englandftw111 says:


  23. firedart10 says:

    that cop prolly kicked the fuck otta him for no reason on his fucking stupid power trip thinking hes above the law and stole a pound for himself fucking scum..

  24. LegalizeDaPlant says:

    stoping puttin us in jail for Cannabis let us smoke our shit subscribe and thumbs up if you agree!

  25. 43benjaminlindsay says:

    Thats less than 100Grand worth of Marijuana!