1000 lb Marijuana bust

What happens if you put straight up bleach in a marijuana plant that you are growing?
September 30, 2010
Is it true that marijuana stops your hair from growing?
September 30, 2010
farmgrade asked:

Marijuana smuggled in horse trailer! Bust in Plant City (I think Florida).


  1. TheNakedLibrarian says:

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    all on one site. Watch videos, join activist groups, read pubmed documents, editorials and govt studies on marijuana… but most importantly SIGN THE PETITIONS- it’s easy, it’s fast, it’s all on one site for YOU!

  2. daddylexy says:

    @billj500 i agree

  3. mrkindbud says:

    @meganbunny2010 bro in north carolina thats about what it goes for….just for good regs….

  4. pencildives says:

    haha, “Marijuana smuggling”, what a joke.

  5. 28timpaul says:

    right thats where i wanna be shit!

  6. xTetrahydro says:

    WASTE OF THC, dam pigs

  7. meganbunny2010 says:

    worth a million dollars? i wanna know where theyre sellin pot for $1000 a pound.. shows how much they really know about what theyre confiscating

  8. zcg3 says:

    Why make pot legal? Wouldn’t you rather get good & drunk, get behind the wheel of a car, speed like hell and have a head-on collision? Sure…

  9. dogcrap1994 says:

    @snowshiva dude, exactly.. all that money. the world would be such a better place with cannabis legalized. better roads. vehicles. everything would be better!

  10. crkush23 says:

    i want some!

  11. dirtbikemike69 says:

    Only good cop is a dead one.

  12. naesnavillus says:

    weed does not destroy like meth and crack and all that nasty shit
    coward pig FUCKS!!

  13. elementsk8punk says:

    @dntreply2me WTF MARIJUANA IS NOT THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH!!! IN FACT, NO PEOPLE HAVE EVER DIED FROM MARIJUANA IN HISTORY!! do u wanna know how much marijuana it takes to kill someone? approximately 13000 joints in 15-20 minutes it is IMPOSSIBLE TO DIE OFF WEED tell that to your DARE officer.

  14. snowshiva says:

    Wow $1m worth of cannabis. Its amazing that the government can’t put 2 and 2 together:
    1. Make cannabis legal
    2: Busnesses will be created, new jobs created with zero finacial risk to the government (they will make savings from not having to make pot busts)
    3. Tax it and make a lot of money!

    Put that money into fixing the damn roads, improving schools, maintaining museums and art galleries and other important public services!

  15. CneDeep says:

    @savaiadracudejegosi Hahahahahaha XD

  16. dylans96 says:

    @dylans96 well, hes lying look it up. i thought the same thing when i had dare until i found out everything they say is bullshit

  17. sjc878787 says:

    @420lionofjudah youre a god damn stoner man… that = $1,000/lb but ya its all bs cause here (dallas-ft.worth) i can get pounds all day for like $400

  18. sjc878787 says:

    and 2. you believe it came from Mexico?? ok dumb asses if your such experts at calculating “street value” you’re telling me you don’t know the difference. Weed from Mexico looks like shit, smells like shit, and is full of seeds….if it was grown here it wasn’t “mass produced” like on a farm. It was grown in some dudes basement and its covered in Trichomes for my brain and smells like heaven..fuck the police, they are just dogs out trying to pray on weaker people.go get shot in the face please

  19. sjc878787 says:

    ok just two things to say 1. how come after every bust the cops always say this is like a million dollars on the streets. Like come on really you think I don’t know weed costs like 400-500 a pound. But that’s just trying to get 1 pound…so if you sold all 1000 pounds 1 at a time to a 1000 different people you might make half a million dollars…the police will say anything to add to the drama and in general shit on society acting all smug

  20. dntreply2me says:

    @dylans96 the dare officer at my school

  21. dylans96 says:

    @dntreply2me realy? wherd u hear this

  22. dntreply2me says:

    @dylans96 no its true

  23. piegazer says:

    What happens to all of that? If they burn all of it everyone in a 10 mile radius would get high

  24. dylans96 says:

    @dntreply2me r u kiddin

  25. mrchakabot says:

    fuck you pigs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!