September 16, 2010

Do medicinal marijuana plants require direct sunlight to grow when grown outdoors?

Ryan asked: I have my medical marijuana card and am currently trying to grow a few plants to cut back on the cost of buying from […]
September 27, 2010

Growing marijuana indoors?

crphoto666 asked: Ive been reading alot recently about growing marijuana indoors and the lighting systems needed. My question is if you grow indoors can you use […]
July 31, 2011

mrshapplymarried’s autobiography “1981 age 8-9”

mrshapplymarried’s autobiography “1981 age 8-9” autobiography “1981 age 8-9” sexual abuse bruises neglect substandard medical attention unsupervised weed 420 dealer babysitter incestual brother trainset dollhouse glamour […]
August 21, 2012

Medical Grow Room Build pt 4

well im out of material for now to finish it off here. 80% done now. im aiming for the end of the month to begin flower […]
September 1, 2012

Main room

Legal mmmp grow room.