September 12, 2010

My Dad wants to know which part of the Marijuana Plant does Hemp come from?

brancomicguy asked: I know it sounds silly But he always makes these stupid jokes about smoking Hemp Like it’s a Joint.
September 16, 2010

Can someone explain why Michigan passed a law approving medicinal marijuana but it’s still illegal to possess?

Skye asked: And grow? And who gives these prescriptions out? It sounds like to me that it is still illegal even if you are dying and […]
January 8, 2012

Mr. 2009 w/ Domino’s Pizza Delivery Guy Keyboard Synth Jam – Stupid Dumb Funny Song!

This is an absurd video recorded in 2009 with Name Brandon (RIP) rocking the old school Casio keyboard and Mr. 2009 letting you know that it’s […]