Pot Plants

September 12, 2010

Major Marijuana Bust!

JeremyCriderTV asked: It took two pick-up trucks to haul the 3000 pot plants found growing in a rural North Carolina field.
September 21, 2010

growing marijuana question?

miZZme asked: 1)okay first off do birds eat pot plants? my plant just sprouted 2 tiny pettles i went outside a few hours later and there […]
September 23, 2010

Massive Ind. Marijuana Bust

CBS asked: Indiana officials have apprehended the largest amount of marijuana in state history. Police estimate that they found over 6000 pot plants on a farm; […]
September 25, 2010

what are the laws against growing marijuana in bc?

mad scientist asked: if some one were growing a small number of pot plants what legal action could be taken?