Personal Use

September 1, 2010

Is growing marijuana legal in your state/country?

♥♥Proud Mum of 2♥♥ asked: It is legal ito grow 2 plants where i live but only for personal use, if you get caught trying to […]
September 11, 2010

Ga law regarding the growing of Marijuana in Ga?

weeder asked: What would the penalty be if you got caught growing Marijuana in Georgia. I’m only talking 1 plant that’s used for personal use with […]
September 11, 2010

If prop 19 passes, where would an individual buy seeds to get started on growing marijuana for personal use?

Kirsten asked: Would they have to buy it from a medical marijuana dispensary first? Get a license first? I need an answer with good details please.
September 13, 2010

What is the legal penalty for growing marijuana in Massachusetts?

coolio asked: This is just 1 plant for personal use… I don’t know what the law was before
September 17, 2010

Growing marijuana outoors?

Greenmind420 asked: Im thinnking about starting a small outdoor growing operation only for my and my freinds personal use so i was looking for some help […]
September 22, 2010

Can a 17 year old in the state of Oregon go to prison for growing 2 Marijuana plants for personal use?

SalviaNova asked: I just have a question. Is it likely for a 16-17 year old to serve prison time for growing a very small amount, like […]