September 2, 2010

Outdoor Growing: Massachusetts?

Pj D asked: I live in Massachusetts and i am going to grow Marijuana this spring. It is the 27th of March currently, and I am […]
September 13, 2010

What is the legal penalty for growing marijuana in Massachusetts?

coolio asked: This is just 1 plant for personal use… I don’t know what the law was before
September 18, 2010

what are first step if I want to start a Medicinal Marijuana dispensary?

Will asked: I want to start a legal Business or legal Medicinal Marijuana but the thing is that 1 I live in Massachusetts, I am actually […]
September 27, 2010

Is it legal for any medicinal reason to be growing and using marijuana in Massachusetts?

jesstranscription asked: Are people allowed by federal license to grown and use “Medical Marijuana” in MA?