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Weed Doc - The Emerald CupWeedMaps.com – News Jan 20, 2013 For those of you that do not know, The Emerald Cup is the world’s only outdoor organic cannabis competition. This year’s event took place December 15th, 2012 at the Mateel Community Center in Redway, California. Redway is located in the heart of The Emerald Triangle, an area of Northern California known throughout the world as being the center of the outdoor marijuana cultivation universe. In it’s ninth year, The Emerald Cup has moved from it’s humble beginnings

49 comments on “Weed Doc – The Emerald Cup

  1. streetfightspdx on

    I’ve been a Marijuana Activist for 25 Years so you’re not telling me anything I don’t already know, and Yes it is just a Plant…One of the Best Plants in the World with Multiple Uses, Food, Fuel, Fiber, Medicine, etc…but Yes it is Just a Plant…So don’t try to Regulate Nature…You say Kids should be able to “figure out life, achieve goals, and be ambitious”…I agree…But None of that has anything to do with smoking or not smoking weed…

  2. andyfibb on

    i wanted to get a job to afford my expensive weed habbit.. soo maybe im just an exception to your all knowing FACTS? what a joke bro..

  3. Calibigbud on

    It’s not just a plant, lol. An oak tree is just a plant. It’s a medicine with multiple uses that I believe should be treated with a certain level of respect. Plus, I think the youth should have a chance to figure out life, achieve goals, and be ambitious before being introduced to pot.

  4. Calibigbud on

    I believe in giving the youth a chance to figure out life, achieve goals, and be ambitious, before being introduced to pot. Just my opinion though. I’m only 20 by the way, not some old fart trying to shed my wisdom by any means lol. But even at my young age, I know that I’d be farther in life, had I started smoking as an adult, as opposed to when I actually started. Just my two cents, peace!

  5. Calibigbud on

    It’s just a plant? That’s funny, cause I swore you just said that it has “Multiple Uses” including “Food, Fuel, Fiber, Medicine, etc.” Sounds like we can both agree it’s more than just a plant, lol.

    That aside, some teens have the tendency to let weed monopolize their lives. If you’ve been an activist for 25 years, you should know this more than anyone. It’s hard for teens and kids to be ambitious and achieve goals when their main focus is around weed.

  6. fullmeltdabber on

    funny how Matt Rize and Subtool talk all that smack and yet no cup for either because they were what, to busy? talk=bs.

  7. streetfightspdx on

    I’m 42…I grew up in the 70’s… before the NANNY STATE LAWS…and the Grab Everyone Kids and put them in Foster Care System…Weed is Kid Friendly…It’s just a plant…Slow Down Francis…

  8. nugporn on

    Many thanks to Tim Blake and the Emerald Cup crew for letting us be a part of it. I personally hope everyone embraces the outdoor. After seeing the dank, dense, crystally nugs up there I now know what’s possible! Peace – Ian

  9. Angie LupusLife on

    really enjoyed watching this and learning about the Emerald Cup. For sure makes me want to road trip up north for this event at some point. sharing this video on fb,google+ and twitter. ^^

  10. Calibigbud on

    Cannabis effects everyone differently, and it’s great that it worked that way for you!

    In response to you thinking that it’s simply the stigma that causes me to feel that way. I’m speaking entirely from my experience, with no influence from other people, society, or anything else that would cause myself to attribute my answer to a stigma.

  11. John Feltes on

    I’ve gone pretty dam far smoking weed since 4th grade. If it has any effect on life goals I’m a counter indication. I think it’s the stigma that causes you to feel that way.

  12. Calibigbud on

    Who said I was stating facts? Those are just my experiences, take it with a grain of salt. Sorry for offending you lol

  13. Toby Saunders on

    I especially appreciate the judges comments listed with the strains at the end. That competition is excellent & the video is fabulous too; thanks so much for putting that together.

  14. kjsilvia90 on

    Yea im not to sure on how you can test it by smoking i could smoke 5 bowls and the 4th one could just be crap but id have no idea cuz ive had 3 badass bowls b4 it…

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