Watering Your Plants (For Beginners)


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Watering Your Plants (For Beginners) It’s very common for new growers to over-water their plants. In this video we discuss why you should never water based on what…

3 comments on “Watering Your Plants (For Beginners)

  1. piggiesrsmoken on

    how about making a video that covers nutrient for indoor produce oh say like lettuce vrs cabbage vrs peppers herbs etc the nutrients seem to be for growing cannabis only on the shelves what do we feed the real food crops

  2. PerfectGardens on

    Most of these nutrients are not really plant specific. Only Advanced Nutrients advertises as being meant for Cannabis.

    The best thing to do is study up on what you want to grow, learn what elements it needs most and get a nutrient line that is appropriate.

    However, thank you for the suggestion we will, in fact, make an effort to create some videos like this in the future.

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