Update Day 94 in the Ground..OMMP Outdoor Marijuana Grow

Update Day 94 in the Ground..OMMP Outdoor Marijuana GrowDocumenting an Legal Outdoor OMMP grow, mixed with ranting about the BULLSHIT we Smile and Accept…. PLEASE comment….


Outdoor Gardens


  • KushSYNdicate 2 years ago

    I just had to invest in some hardcore security . Fuck thieves

  • yungromeNWK19 2 years ago

    Love your work man! Great ladies! We love it out here! Let me know if ya need trimmers .

  • whiterain49 2 years ago

    looks great JAMES peace

  • Biobud29 2 years ago

    Nice work James! One suggestion however. Slow down the camera movement in your videos. Take time to pause and showcase each plant.  The slower movement makes your videos easier to watch. Love the commentary!!!

  • sm0k3itupx3 2 years ago

    Nice updates. mine looking like that stage too not that big tho lol

  • chelsea dunphy 2 years ago

    awesome man great looking

  • gtg4646 2 years ago

    Looks really nice ;-)

  • hippie dabs 2 years ago

    I leave tomorrow for two months I hate thieves be up all night long man and the leaf blower you are the man I know what I need now!!!!! Thanks man wish I could be at that biker march

  • OMMP .MASTER GROWER 2 years ago

    ive never been hit but then again its about were u live the people u know and the reputation u keep 

  • Protandim lifevantage 2 years ago

    James you should check out infowars .com to see what else is happening in our country. Keep up the nice work!

  • gtg4646 2 years ago

    Hey James I made a bid check out how how an Oregon girl dose it all the way!!!

  • Brian B 2 years ago

    Beautiful Man! I do not envy you come trim time! Great lineup too!

  • rickopato 2 years ago

    great work James the girl are coming along just fine ……

  • Brian Gamaliel 2 years ago

    Do i still have a chance to place a plant outside n be able to have them fully flowered ? I just got my 215 license. Thanx

  • TYRACER OMMP S 2 years ago

    its very sad but true that RIPPERS are out there that make you not sleep so you can keep safe plants that are just started… the size would make these cock rippers take them..But then you get the people who know what there looking at might hit it late sept thinking “i can just make hash/oil if its 2 fluffy .But none of these people are a Grower. Ive been hit 2x in 15years but zero in past 10years.

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